Answers to basic questions about deferred payment repayment

1. Who can claim a deferment? <br> 2. Under what contracts can a grace period be granted? <br> 3. How long is the grace period granted? <br> 4. What documents are needed to obtain a deferment? <br> 5. How to apply for a respite? <br> 6. How is the repayment schedule changed? <br> 7. If I have several contracts, how do I apply for a deferment? <br> 8. Is it possible to carry out partial prepayment during the deferral? <br> 9. Is it possible to carry out full prepayment during the deferral? <br> 11. Will fines / penalties be charged? <br> 12. From what date are deferred applications accepted? <br> 13. When will my deferral application be executed?