Job openings

Credit specialist of the branch JSC "KazAgroFinance" in the Karaganda region to work in the city of Zhezkazgan

  • Searching for potential clients, meetings, presentations on proposed programme, region trips. consultation and receiving applications for funding,
  • complete customer support on lending from the request to the transfer of the equipment on financial stage.
  • Controlling the prompt administration of the fulfillment of the initial terms according to the project schedule.

Subordination level: To the branch director.

Terms granted:

Employment contract: the labor contract according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Work schedule: 09:00-18:30 Mon-Fr, lunch break from 13:00 to 14.30

Leave: annual leave according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Business trips: are possible

Benefits package: health insurance


The next career step of the specialist depends on the results of his work.

Study program: is discussed


Education: Higher/postgraduate education (economic/ financial/ technical/ legal).

Experience: in the credit-leasing/financial/economic/banking sector for at least 1 year or in a structural subdivision of the Company for at least 2 years. Without presenting work experience requirements for persons who have graduated from higher educational institutions of foreign countries with Bachelor's degree, Master's degree/educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan with Master's degree"

Required competencies: stress resistance, commitment, communication skills

Compulsory knowledge: laws and regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, related to the fields of activity and other standard knowledges to carry out the functions. The specificity of the main activity of the structural subdivisions.


Kazakh: necessary

English: is desirable

Russian: necessary

Computer and computer programs skills: MS Office, MS Microsoft, АИС 1С.

Announcement period: November 28 to December 2, 2022

The contact person: Aya Tleukhanova

The contact number: 55-73-37 (int.1601)


Director of the Administrative Department

) ensuring economic activity, rational use of material resources of JSC "KazAgroFinance " and providing them with structural units;

2) Control over the appropriate condition of the administrative building of the central office of KazAgroFinance JSC in accordance with the rules and regulations of industrial sanitation and fire safety;

3) implementation of internal control over compliance with the established standards of KazAgroFinance JSC (purchase of office furniture, norms of space for the placement of employees of the central office, standards of ownership of official cars);

4) control of accident-free and reliable operation of vehicles by the service personnel of the central office, their correct operation;

5) organization of economic services for meetings, seminars and other events;

6) ensuring timely formation and approval of a procurement plan for goods, works and services (preliminary, annual, long-term) JSC "KazAgroFinance", with the exception of leasing items and control over its execution;

7) carrying out a set of measures for the procurement of goods, works and services of KazAgroFinance JSC in accordance with regulatory legal acts regulating the procurement of goods, works and services, with the exception of leasing items;

8) approval of procurement contracts in relation to the administrative and economic activities of KazAgroFinance JSC on the e-procurement web portal;

9) formation of reports on the activities of the Department;

10) provision of procedures for payment of payments;

11) control over the organization of work on the timely processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence, registration, accounting and transfer of current procedural documents to the relevant structural units;

12) control over the proper operation of the archive of JSC "KazAgroFinance" in accordance with the established rules and internal documents, ensuring the transfer of files from the archive of JSC "KazAgroFinance" at the request of structural units.

The head and supervisor:

Terms granted:

An employment contract: in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a probationary period of up to 3 months;

Time schedule: from 9:00 to 18:30 work schedule 5/2, lunch from 13.00 to 14.30

Vacation: in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Business trips: are possible;

Social package: health insurance;

Opportunity for professional advancement

Training programs: are discussed


REQUIREMENTS: Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Higher education Higher/postgraduate (economic/legal/technical, etc.)

Work experience: At least 5 years of work experience in the similar specifics of the division's activities, including at least 1 year in senior positions or at a lower position of the Company's structural divisions for at least 1 year.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating relations in the areas corresponding to the profile of the position, as well as other mandatory knowledge necessary for the performance of functional duties;

The specifics of the main activity of the structural unit;

The procedure for purchasing goods, works and services, the procedure for concluding contracts with suppliers, the procedure for calculating contracts, the basic rules and regulations for the operation of buildings and structures, the procedure for servicing and maintaining cars;

Occupational safety and health standards, fire safety measures, industrial sanitation and occupational hygiene;

The rules of office work, the procedure for maintaining the archive and working with official information;

Knowledge of the budgeting process.


Kazakh - predominantly

English - preferably

Russian - necessarily

Computer and computer skills:  MS Outlook, MS Office, AIS 1С.

Announcement period: from November 28 to December 2, 2022.

The contact person: Aya Tleukhanova

The contact number: 55-65-33 (int.1601)