Sustainable Development Policy

KazAgroFinance JSC in its activities strives to effectively implement the principles of sustainable development through maintaining a balance of stakeholder interests.

The Company sustainability objectives are based on its mission, provisions of the KazAgroFinance Development Strategy, and the international standards and principles enshrined in international sustainability standards.

The Company considers the use of international standards in the field of sustainable development as a necessary condition for conformity of its activities with the best international practices and achievement of the sustainable development goals and objectives.

Company guided by the Sustainable Development Policy, Policy defines the fundamental principles and approaches in developing a management system in the sustainable development area.

Sustainable development in the Company consists of three constituent categories: economic, environmental and social, aspects of which are considered by GRI Standards.

Economic sustainability component contains the following goals:

  • breakeven operations;
  • securing the interests of the Sole Shareholder and investors;
  • increasing the efficiency of processes;
  • growth of agricultural investment.

Environmental component of sustainable development contains the following objectives:

  • minimizing the impact on biological and physical natural systems;
  • optimal use of limited resources;
  • application of eco-friendly, energy- and material-saving technologies.

Social component of sustainable development focuses on the principles of social responsibility among other things and contains the following goals:

  • ensuring transparent competitive procedures and equal employment opportunities;
  • fair remuneration and respect for the rights of employees;
  • ensuring labor safety and protection of employees;
  • training and professional development of employees;
  • implementation of internal and external social programs

Company analyzes its activities on these three aspects, and tries to avoid or reduce the negative impact of its performance on stakeholders.


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