Centralized Procurement Control Service

From January 1, 2020, the Centralized Procurement Control Service (hereinafter referred to as CPCS) began its work at Baiterek NMH JSC. The main function of the CPCS is the implementation of internal control over compliance with the rules for the implementation of procurement conducted by Baiterek NMH JSC and its subsidiaries.

Potential suppliers of the Company who have encountered violations of the procurement rules have the right to appeal against actions or inactions, decisions of the customer to the Centralized Procurement Control Service (CPCS) in the manner and within the time limits established by Article 16 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Procurement of Certain Subjects of the Quasi-Public Sector”.

It should be noted that when a complaint is filed within the prescribed time frame, the conclusion of a procurement contract is suspended by the CSKZ until the end of the complaint consideration period. When confirming the facts specified in the complaint, the CPCS will take the appropriate measures established by the Law, up to the cancellation of the procurement results.

A complaint about actions (inaction), decisions of KazAgroFinance JSC, can be submitted to the CPCS at the following address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Z05T2H3, Nur-Sultan city, Yesil district, Mangilik El avenue, building 55 A. You can also file a complaint through the electronic procurement information system.

Electronic procurement portal

Electronic purchases are carried out in real time and provide the participants of the Eurasian Economic Space with access to the electronic format of the execution of civil transactions for the sale of goods, works and services with the certification of legal actions with an electronic digital signature.

The portal provides domestic suppliers with the opportunity to participate in competitive procurement of the Company.


Procurement regulations