“OWN FOOD” program: Achieving sustainable growth in livestock farming in Kazakhstan

Livestock farming is one of the key sectors of agriculture, playing an important role in providing the population with high-quality livestock products.

In order to develop this industry, a significant amount of funding in the amount of 20 billion tenge has been allocated from the republican budget. Budget investments are aimed at purchasing forage harvesting equipment by farmers on preferential terms.

KazAgroFinance JSC started accepting applications for the OWN FOOD program on June 26, 2023 .

The main goals of the “OWN FOOD” program

  1. Meeting feed needs: One of the main challenges for livestock farming is to ensure stable access to quality feed resources. The “OWN FOOD” program is aimed at updating the fleet of equipment necessary for the preparation of feed.
  2. Increased productivity: Optimizing diets and providing high-quality feed helps improve the productivity of farm animals. This will lead to an increase in the production of milk, meat and other types of livestock products, which in turn will support the development of the industry and increase the country's food security.
  3. Reducing dependence on imports: creating a sustainable feed base and increasing productivity will have a positive impact on reducing the share of imports of relevant agricultural products in the country's total consumption.
  4. Rural employment growth: Livestock development stimulates the creation of new jobs in rural areas and improves the living standards of the rural population.

The “OWN FEED” program is aimed at updating and providing feed procurement enterprises with modern agricultural machinery. During the first month of implementation of the preferential program , 429 applications worth 7 billion tenge were received from farmers .

The main conditions of the program are the rate of 6% per annum, term up to 10 years, no collateral required.

The “OWN FOOD” program opens up new prospects for the development of livestock farming in Kazakhstan.

Providing the industry with a feed supply and increasing the productivity of farm animals will contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry, economic development and strengthening the country’s position in the world market.



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