On July 24, 2023, KazAgroFinance resumes accepting applications for the “Made in Kazakhstan” program

This year, 15 billion tenge have been allocated for the implementation of the “Made in Kazakhstan” program. After submitting an application to KazAgroFinance.bot ( https://t.me/kaz_agro_finance_bot ), the client collects the necessary documents within 5 working days. Due to the failure of clients to provide documents for previously submitted applications, as well as the entry of incorrect data when submitting an application, a free balance of 7 billion tenge was formed within the allocated limit . In this regard, KazAgroFinance, from July 24, 2023, resumes accepting applications under the “MADE IN KAZAKHSTAN” program for financing the leasing of domestically produced/assembled agricultural machinery on the following conditions:

subject of leasing: mounted, trailed and self-propelled agricultural equipment of domestic production/assembly;

rate - 6% per annum;

leasing term - up to 10 years;

advance payment - from 15% of the cost of the leased item;

collateral - not required;

financing limit - no more than 120 million tenge and no more than 2 units of leased items.

The client must submit a complete package of documents to the KazAgroFinance branch within 5 working days from the date of submission of the application to Telegram-bot  (List of documents and forms https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YCMgmhMomkXb-ZSRc88vZGeh0pY6qobx ).

We also continue to accept applications for financing at 6% per annum under the preferential program “OWN FEED”, aimed at meeting the needs of livestock farming in the feed supply, increasing the growth of productivity of farm animals and the volume of livestock products, and the program “ZHASYL ONIM”, aimed at preferential financing of producers of social significant food products (vegetables, fruits, berries, sugar beets).



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