KazAgroFinance - time-tested trust

KazAgroFinance JSC in the agro-industrial complex leasing market is a key financial institution that provides machinery and equipment on lease on affordable and favorable terms. The company has been successfully operating for 20 years already, contributing to the development of technical equipment in the agricultural sector of the country.

Today, leasing remains a simple and effective way to renew fixed assets, contributing to an increase in production and labor productivity. Based on the focus of state policy on improving the technical equipment of the agricultural sector, KazAgroFinance has developed a new Development Strategy for 2020–2029. The new Strategy takes a benchmark to increase the volume of leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment, improve the provision of services and increase the efficiency of activities.

This year, despite the period of the state of emergency and quarantine, the company did not stop accepting and considering applications for funding and is carried out in a simplified manner.

In order to support domestic farmers and subjects of domestic mechanical engineering, from April 1, 2020, a special preferential program "Made in Kazakhstan" was in effect, which allowed agricultural producers to receive domestic equipment without paying an advance payment (through investment subsidies), without paying any commissions and without providing a deposit. with a preferential financing rate of 6% per annum, a lease term of up to 10 years, and a grace period for payment of lease payments up to 1 year.

Within the framework of the Master-Leasing program, the client has the opportunity to open a leasing line with an availability period of 1 year without re-collecting documents and considering the application.

Under the Express-Leasing program, a decision on a client's application is made without confirmation of income for 5 days, while financing under this program is carried out according to a minimum package of documents, a business plan and financial statements are not required.

Under the “Made in Belarus” program, it was possible to purchase equipment made in Belarus, taking into account the allocated subsidies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (10%) and the Republic of Belarus (6%) at a remuneration rate of 1% per annum for a lease term of up to 5 years.

There is a grace period for all programs (customers are given the opportunity to pay remuneration and principal debt after a year from the date of the contract).

In general, the main preferential terms of financing are the provision of equipment without collateral, without paying commissions, with a grace period, long-term financing.

In addition, thanks to state support, it is possible to receive equipment without paying an advance due to investment subsidies in the amount of up to 25% of the value of the leased item.

From 2000 to 2020, the amount of leasing transactions of KazAgroFinance JSC amounted to 687.7 billion tenge.

53 693 units of equipment were leased to agricultural producers, and this year - 4 801 units of equipment worth 85.5 billion tenge.

The competitive advantages of KazAgroFinance JSC, high competence in the industry, many years of experience in the market, a developed branch network, a strong staff, reliable credit ratings and access to raising funds allow us to maintain a leading position in the leasing market and remain a reliable partner for domestic farmers.

Press service of KazAgroFinance JSC