Information about the auction

Information about the auction

KazAgroFinance JSC informs about the holding of an auction for the sale of property of KazAgroFinance JSC, put up for auction

Property to be auctioned:

Object No 1: легковой автомобиль марки «Chevrolet a 2010 Chevrolet Epica passenger car, color black, engine capacity 2.0, gasoline, mechanical transmission, mileage 333 000 km.

Location of the property: The Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar region, Pavlodar city, Lugovaya str., 16.

Starting price: 2,161,454 (two million one hundred and sixty-one thousand four hundred and fifty-four) tenge.

Guarantee fee (5% of the starting price): 108,073 (one hundred eight thousand seventy-three) tenge is credited to the Bank details of KazAgroFinance JSC.

Step by lot (5% of the starting price): 108,073 (one hundred eight thousand seventy-three) tenge.

Trustee: Abdulin Zhaslan Sagyndykovich.

Location of the auction: room 414, office of the branch of JSC "KazAgroFinance" in Pavlodar region, at the address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar region, Almaty.Павлодар, улица Луговая1 6 Lugovaya street, Pavlodar6.

Date and time of auction: "24" Nov 2020G., at 11 o'clock. 00 min.

Method of bidding: an auction using the English method (subject to an increase in the starting price).

Procedure and terms for making a guarantee payment: by non-cash payment to the current account of KazAgroFinance JSC, before the auction date.

Other conditions: Acceptance of bids begins from the date of publication of this information message and ends one day before the date of the auction. A bidder who has paid the guarantee fee and completed an application for participation in the auction within the established time limit is allowed to bid.

The winner is the bidder who has offered the highest price. The property is transferred to the Winner at the location of the property, after the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement.

The order and terms of payment of the purchase price: The buyerpays the purchase price for the purchase of the property, by transferring funds to the details of JSC "KazAgroFinance" within three working days from the date of the auction.

Details of JSC "KazAgroFinance": BIN 991240000043, OKPO 39112465, KBE 15, IIC KZ796017111000000212 VHalyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, BIC HSBKKZKX.

Location and contact phone number of the Authorized representative of KazAgroFinance JSC: Republic of Kazakhstan, the city ofЛуговая16 Lugovaya street, office 414, Pavlodar. Contact phone number:8-747-714-58-00, 8-7182-77-00-69 (EXT. 6903), e-mail:

*The guarantee fee of the person who won the auction is credited to the purchase price for the Property sold at the auction.

The guarantee fee will not be refunded if the person who won the auction refuses to pay the purchase pricewithin three business days from the date of the auction. In all other cases, the guarantee fees are returned no later than three business days after the auction ends or the auction is declared invalid.



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