Information about the auction

Information about the auction

Joint-stock company "KazAgroFinance" announces the auction for the sale of property

Property put up for auction:

Lot: Chevrolet Epika 2.0 AT, year of manufacture-2010.

Starting price: 1 517 000 tenge.

Guarantee fee: 10 % of the starting value of the property sold, credited by cashless payment to the account of JSC "KazAgroFinance", before the date of the auction.

Step on the lot: 75 850 tenge.

The venue of the auction and receipt of applications: the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe oblast, Aktobe city, so Abulkhair Khan, 51/1, KAB. Twenty three

Date and time of bidding:" 27 " January 2017, at 11: 00 am English method," 15 " December 2016, at 11:00 am Dutch method.

Method of bidding: auction on the Dutch method (on the terms of lowering the starting price). 

Other conditions: The winner is the bidder who first confirmed his desire to purchase the property. Transfer of property is carried out to the Winner in the location of the property.

Acceptance of applications begins from the date of publication of this information message and stops one hour before the start of trading.

The participant who has paid a guarantee fee and has filled in the application for participation in the auction in the established terms is allowed to the auction.

Order and terms of payment of the purchase price: the winner, for the acquisition of pledged property, pays the purchase price by transferring funds to the details of JSC "KazAgroFinance" within three working days from the date of bidding.

Details of JSC "KazAgroFinance": IIC KZ459261501105871002 JSC "Kazkommertsbank" Astana, BIC KZKOKZKX, BIN 991240000043.

Auctioneer: Gayla Lstat Userbase.

Location and contact phone numbers of the auctioneer: Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe region, Aktobe, abulkayyr Khan Ave., 51 / 1, office. 23, phone: 8 (7132) 921181, 921182.



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