Pavlodar region in numbers

Since the beginning of 2024, KazAgroFinance has received applications in the amount of 99.7 billion tenge. Of these, in the Pavlodar region - in the amount of 14.1 billion tenge.

Leasing agreements were concluded in the amount of 66.4 billion tenge for 4122 units. equipment, of which contracts worth 8.8 billion tenge were concluded in the Pavlodar region.

The number of financed borrowers in 2024 amounted to 1,921 agricultural enterprises, of which 157 agricultural enterprises were in the Pavlodar region.

KazAgroFinance, under preferential programs, financed farmers of the Pavlodar region in the amount of 2.7 billion tenge for the purchase of 176 units of equipment.



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