Issue of shares and other securities by the company and approval by the authorized body of reports on the results of placement of the company's securities, reports on the results of redemption of the company's securities, cancellation of the company's securities by the authorized body

Corporate events

Information on issue of shares and other securities by the Joint Stock Company

Name of the body, which registered the securities issue: the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Date of securities issue registration: July 20, 2016

Type of securities to be issued: Bonds

Full name of securities to be issued (registered bonds, common shares, etc.): Name registered bonds unsecured

Number of securities to be issued, pcs.: 30350000

Identification code (national identification number and (or) international identification code (ISIN to) assigned to securities, in case the securities have been issued in accordance with the laws of a foreign country): KZP01Y15F315

Currency of the bonds issue: KZT - Tenge

Nominal value of bonds in currency of issue: 1000

Maturity of bonds, months: 180

Has the permission of the National Bank of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the authorized body) been obtained by the Joint-Stock Company for issue and (or) placement of equity securities on the territory of a foreign country?: No