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Information about the decisions taken by the Board of Directors, to the list of issues for which information in accordance with the internal documents of the joint shall be communicated to shareholders and investors

Information on payment of dividends on ordinary shares of KazAgroFinance JSC for 2016

Date of Resolution: 21.08.2017

Issue: According to Extract from the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of National Managing Holding ‘KazAgro’ JSC (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Sole Shareholder’) No.29 dated May 26, 2017, on 21.08.2017 the Company paid to the Sole Shareholder the second tranche of dividends of KZT807 157 149.59, that is 50% of the amount approved by the Resolution of the Board of the Sole Shareholder. The dividend rate per one ordinary share is KZT19.49, the dividends were paid by transfer of the funds to the bank account of the Sole Shareholder.