Information on policies and practices social responsibility Companies

Information on policies and practices social responsibility Companies

HR and Social Policy

The Company's HR policy is an integral long-term strategy for personnel management, the main goal of which is to fully and timely meet the Company's needs for the necessary quality and quantity of labor resources in a specific time frame. Qualified, proactive, highly motivated and focused on intensive high-quality work employees are considered as the main asset of the Company and the most important source of competitiveness.

The main goal of the HR policy is to create and improve an effective HR management system based on attracting, developing and motivating highly qualified employees to fulfill strategic goals of the Company.

The basis for the implementation of the HR policy is the availability of an effective organizational structure and optimal personnel composition.

The Social Policy of the Company is aimed at developing socio-economic conditions for employees in the framework of the implementation of their constitutional rights in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Social Policy ensures a high level of social protection of employees, creates conditions for their full-fledged activities and receiving adequate remuneration for work, provides opportunities for professional, personal and career growth and, thus, increases interest in long-term, effective and fruitful relations between the Company and employees, the consequence of which is the achievement of high labor efficiency.

The purpose of the Social Policy of the Company is the development of the social orientation of the Company, a consistent increase in the standard of living of employees, ensuring universal accessibility of basic social benefits and, above all, a favorable psychological climate in the team.

The management of the Company provides social and other guarantees for employees:

  • implementation of labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • workplace in accordance with the requirements of safety and labor protection;
  • compulsory insurance of civil liability of the employer for causing harm to the life and health of an employee in the performance of their work duties;
  • voluntary medical insurance;
  • paid work leave;
  • payment of material assistance to employees at the birth (adoption) of a child, the marriage of an employee and the death of the employee's spouse or close relatives;
  • time-based bonus payment system;
  • payment when employees are on official business trips;
  • possibility of professional training and advanced training.

Social support is provided to the Company's employees in order to create favorable conditions for efficient work, retention and attraction of highly qualified employees.

Successful implementation of the Social Policy contributes to the motivation of staff and the growth of the Company's competitiveness and strengthening the image as a responsible employer and socially-oriented organization.

Safety and labour protection

Safety and labour protection are one of the priority values of KazAgroFinance JSC and are considered as an integral part of the Company's business system.

Preserving the health and life of employees, creating safe working conditions, preventing injuries, improving the working conditions of employees, reducing the impact of harmful and adverse factors, reducing risks and hazards in the workplace are the main directions of the Company's policy in the field of safety and labour protection.

Sponsorship and charity

KazAgroFinance JSC on a regular basis provides charitable and sponsorship assistance to the least protected groups of the population, as well as provides support to specialized non-profit organizations (residential homes, preschool, secondary, vocational and higher education institutions, research organizations, etc.).

Thus, in 3 years, the Company provided charitable and sponsorship assistance in the amount of 28 million tenge, including for 2017 - 18 million tenge, 2018 -5 million tenge, 2019- 5 million tenge.

In 2020, it is planned to allocate 5 million tenge for charity and sponsorship, of which 1.2 million tenge has been disbursed as of the current date.