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In Karaganda oblast a new horse farm has been commissioned in order to produce dried horsemilk powder

09.11.2015 The project, launched with the support of KazAgroFinance JSC, envisages the creation of complex horse farm to produce dried horsemilk powder using sublimation method in the far rural district of Osakarovsk region, Karaganda oblast. As of today's date the farm has 1,300 cows of core herd. The total area of pastures is 24.5 thousand hectares, arable land is more than 11 thousand hectares and the area of irrigated land makes up 1.5 hectares. Total project cost is KZT 1,439,163 thousand. Within the framework of the project construction of buildings, structures and other necessary infrastructure was carryied out, technological equipment for dried horsemilk powder production, equipment and biological assets were purchased. Project capacity is 10 tons of dried powder per year, which will be used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries of Kazakhstan, also the powder will be exported to the EU countries. It should be noted that this is the modern high-tech and innovative production with the use of the latest global advances in food technology, pharmaceuticals and medicine. Freeze-dried powder made from horsemilk is produced by vacuum drying at a special unit. Installation of the equipment for freeze-drying processing shall be in the immediate vicinity of animals. This is due to the technological requirements - from the milking time to the time of technological processing not more than 15-20 minutes shall pass. As the project authors say, it allows you to fully preserve all useful fresh horsemilk qualities for a long time. As of the current date, horsefarm begins to expand capacity and produces dried horsemilk powder. Since August 2015 more than one ton of dried horsemilk powder was produced. The main thing for the oblast is the social aspect of the project as it provides 30 people with permanent jobs. That means stable salary, and hence the welfare of their families. This project is one of three projects included in the industrialization map of Osakarovsk region. For information, KazAgroFinance JSC is a company established in 1999 by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main goal of KazAgroFinance JSC is to support the development of the agricultural sector of RK by providing agricultural producers with access to financial resources, as well as agricultural machinery and technological equipment on a lease basis.

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