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In the Aktobe oblast two major industrial projects – a vegetable store and meat-processing complex - have been commissioned with the support of KazAgroFinance JSC

06.11.2015 As of today's date, in the current economic situation, there is an urgent need for import substitution. KazAgroFinance JSC (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is intended to ensure the strengthening of food belt around the major cities of Kazakhstan. In particular, today the Company has commissioned such industrial facilities as Andi, Ais, Molochnye istorii dairy farms, Aktep feedlot with breeding multiplying farm for cattle of nondomestic selection, Izet Green House greenhouse complex and other major projects, aimed at strengthening of the oblast food security. Currently, commissioning of a few other large industrial facilities is being planned. In particular, SHF Prigorodny LLP vegetable store, with capacity of 3,000 tons of simultaneous storage. The launch of this project will provide the oblast residents with fresh vegetable products in the off-season period. Total project cost is about KZT 410 million, 80% of which was co-invested by KazAgroFinance JSC. The project has been funded as part of the investment direction "Creation of a Vegetable Stores Network". Modern warehouse and ventilation equipment manufactured in Holland have been purchased at the expense of KazAgroFinance JSC. As of today, vegetable store warehouses are completely ready for storing vegetables. Closer to the New Year, products stored in accordance with the world standards will be sent to food markets of the oblast to reduce prices. In addition, the oblast's largest meat-processing complex Molochnye istorii LLP with refinery capacity of up to 7,200 tons of meat products per year is going to be commissioned. Total project cost makes up KZT 2 291.3 mln., more than 70% of which was co-nvested by KazAgroFinance JSC. Meat products to be processed at this plant will be supplied directly from Aktep, the oblast's largest feedlot for 10,000 head of cattle, which is situated next to the meat-processing complex, where all cattle keeping and slaughtering international standards are taken into consideration. This company can be proud of being part of so-called closed-cycle of meat products manufacturing. In simple terms, the scheme is an agricultural cluster, where a feedlot, slaughterhouse and meat-processing complex are located in the same area, which means that there is no need to long distance transport of animals, expose them to stress and other external influences. The farm plans not only to provide residents of the oblast and country with fresh meat products, but also to increase marble meat export to the neighboring countries. SHF Prigorodny LLP is one of 525 investment projects, which are being implemented by National Holding KazAgro in the agricultural sector of the country. Their aggregate cost is KZT 322.74 billion. It is planned to create 16.3 thousand jobs by construction and commissioning these projects. As of today, 413 investment projects of KazAgro amounting to KZT 233.5 billion were financed and commissioned, which created 12.8 thousand jobs. At this, during the current 2015 year 51 investment projects amounting to KZT 11.6 billion were commissioned. Since the beginning of this year, the total amount of AIC financing by National Holding KazAgro has made KZT 205.2 billion. National Holding KazAgro has directed KZT168.2 billion out of this amount to credit AIC entities, KZT 36.99 billion to purchase agricultural products. For reference only: Over the past 15 years of its activity, the branch of KazAgroFinance JSC in Aktobe invested KZT 29,144 mln in the oblast AIC, including KZT 5,470 mln during 2015. In addition, years to date the purchase of more than 1000 units of machinery and equipment in the amount of KZT 3 309, 5 mln was financed. Since 2010, 3,069 heads of beef and dairy breeding cattle totaling to KZT 1 857.6 mln have been delivered to the territory of Aktobe oblast and leased. For information, KazAgroFinance JSC is a company established in 1999 by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main goal of KazAgroFinance JSC is to support the development of the agricultural sector of RK by providing agricultural producers with access to financial resources, as well as agricultural machinery and technological equipment on a lease basis.

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