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The first International Cattle Auction is holding in Kazakhstan

The first International Cattle Auction is holding in Kazakhstan 29.06.2015 In 2011 during the Annual Message to People of Kazakhstan the President of the Republic in the first time sounded the idea of introduction and implementation of the program “Export potential of cattle meat” and reaching of meat products exports to 200 thousand tons annually. One of the largest operators of this program is “KazAgroFinance” JSC. It was supposed that the program of cattle meat export potential development will be implemented in several stages. At the first stage elite high-productive meat cattle was imported to Kazakhstan from abroad for further crossing and increasing of livestock. Totally for the period from 2011-2014 thanks to “KazAgroFinance” JSC 40 380 heads of cattle were imported to the country (meat – 33 824 heads, milk – 6 556 heads). The second stage of the program implementation meant receipt from foreign herd of offspring and distribution over the republic to receive further selection and increasing total breeding number of cattle in the country. For the whole period of activities 85 breeding reproductive farms were financed and commissioned. The second offspring was received in amount of more than 12 thousand heads of young breeder. “KazAgroFinance in this program acts as lessor of breeding cattle, - tells the press-secretary of “KazAgroFinance” JSC Aliya Issenova. At present the farmers have not necessity to go and bring cattle from abroad from Canada, Australia, Holland and so on. Today we have enough breeding cattle received on the territory of our country. Purchasing of cattle of so called “second generation” helps not only save on delivery and transportation of cattle, but also decrease delivery term, receive more adaptive cattle, genealogy and guarantee from compatriot – owner of Kazakhstan reproductive farm. At present our company already leased out more than 8 000 heads of breeding cattle born in our country. Sale of breeding youth is mainly implemented by auction. Today not less than five large auctions were held when farmers could select breeding servicing bulls ourselves. This summer (03.07.15) in Kostanay region the First international open auction of breeding cattle in Kazakhstan will be held. 180 breeding bulls and 130 breeding heifers of Aberdeen-Angus breed will be put up. It should be noted that one bull of this breed may weigh about 800 kg. The farmers of the Republic not showed their special interest to the forthcoming event which should be a starting point to transfer to the second stage of the program of capacity development of export potential of cattle meat. Information and accreditation: Aliya Issenoca, Press-secretary of “KazAgroFinance” JSC. Astana city, (7172) 580411, (ext.2954) 8-702-218-67-17a.issenova@kaf.kz

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