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“KazAgroFinance” JSC received applications for 1145 units of machinery to the sowing campaign

“KazAgroFinance” JSC received applications for 1145 units of machinery to the sowing campaign 29.04.2015 Within the framework of preparation for spring field works “KazAgroFinance” JSC received applications for the purchase of 1145 units of machinery totaling more than 8.2 billion tenge. To date, farmers have already signed financial leasing agreements for 506 units of seeding equipment in the amount of 3.5 million tenge, remaining applications for the purchase of equipment on leasing are being considered. It is believed that the increase in the number of applications for the purchase of machinery through “KazAgroFinance” JSC in the current year is due to the launch of the program for subsidizing the interest rate. According to the terms of the program the interest rate on loans for replenishment of working capital and acquisition of fixed assets, construction and leasing for the purchase of technological equipment and agricultural machinery is reduced by 7% per annum. Thus, the interest rate on leasing of agricultural and special machinery in “KazAgroFinance” JSC taking into account the subsidy will be 6.4% instead of 13.4%. To note, in 2014 for the spring field works “KazAgroFinance” JSC financed purchase of 1167 units of machinery to the amount of 11.2 billion tenge against the planned 10.6 billion tenge. It is planned that in 2015 within the framework of the spring field works will be transferred not less than 1000 units of machinery to the amount of about 10.5 billion tenge. The “popular” machinery, in addition to tractors and seeders include such types of machinery as a harrows, plow, baler, cultivator, reaper, etc. It is worth noting that most of the machinery purchased by farmers within the spring field work are of Kazakhstan production, in particular, one of the most popular models, the “Belarus” tractor is produced at the Semipalatinsk car assembly plant “SemAZ”. Whereas attached implements for machinery are purchased from USA as well as from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, etc. In whole, the group of companies of “KazAgro” National Holding plans to spend more than 97 billion tenge using all sources of financing for spring field works in 2015. Within this amount, “KazAgro” at the expense of budgetary crediting for subsequent funding of agricultural producers of the Republic will allocate second-tier banks for over 34 billion tenge to carry out sowing.

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