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“KazAgroFinance” JSC began accepting applications for subsidizing interest rates of 7% and 10%

15.04.2015 “KazAgroFinance” JSC announces the receipt of applications and documents from clients to subsidize interest rates on loan/leasing contracts. Under the terms of the interest rate program on loans for working capital and acquisition of fixed assets, construction and leasing for the purchase of manufacturing equipment and agricultural machinery reduced by 7% per annum, in turn, the interest rate on contracts for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment in the livestock sector and fodder production is reduced by 10% (with confirmation of having at least 50 conventional heads of farm animals), or the presence of land used for growing fodder crops). That, in general, is a significant measure of state support for the development of fodder production and the agricultural sector as a whole. It should be noted that subsidies are subject to the leasing/loan contracts concluded at the expense of own funds and borrowings of “KazAgroFinance” JSC. Subsidies are granted under the “Agribusiness 2020” program for development of agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2020. More detailed conditions of granting subsidies, requirements for the documents to provide, the order of applications receipt and decision making are approved by order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan no. 9-1/613 dated November 25, 2014 “On approval of the rules of subsidizing interest rates on loans and leasing of technological equipment and agricultural machinery.” For more information the agricultural producers may contact the branches of “KazAgroFinance” JSC throughout the country or by calling the Call-center of subsidy programs: 8 800 080 70 80 (toll-free within Kazakhstan).

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