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Seventh industrial greenhouse was launched in South Kazakhstan region through “KazAgroFinance” JSC line

13.04.2015 Shymkent city can rightly be called the “greenhouse capital” of Kazakhstan. To date, seven major industrial greenhouses with a total area of 24 hectares were funded and launched only through “KazAgroFinance” JSC. However, the agribusiness of South Kazakhstan does not stop there. This year, three industrial greenhouses with total design capacity of more than 6 hectares are scheduled to be commissioned in South Kazakhstan only through “KazAgroFinance” JSC. By the way, one of the three new projects – “KazAgronom” greenhouse has already put into operation and is ready to supply more than 531 tons of cucumbers and 756 tons of tomatoes to the markets of the southern and south-eastern region of Kazakhstan each year. Total project cost is more than 1 billion tenge, the area of the greenhouse complex is 3 ha. Modern greenhouse has the advanced Italian industrial equipment installed. However, during its construction and installation of heating equipment, the materials of domestic production have been used as well. In general, the vegetables are grown in a greenhouse on the basis of substrate using a small volume hydroponics technology that produces the crop twice a year - from February to June and from August to December. It should be noted that the sowing of seeds in the “KazAgronom” greenhouse was carried out in January of the present year. Today, the greenhouse is ready to boast the first harvest, which is already sold successfully in the food markets of the region. To note, for the whole country, within the framework of the investment direction “Creation of a greenhouse complexes network” were approved to finance 26 greenhouses with total area of 94 hectares for the amounting to more than 36.9 billion tenge. It should be noted that the greenhouses built with the support of “KazAgroFinance” JSC are ready to supply the markets of the country with more than 48 000 tons of fresh vegetables annually.

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