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“Online EXPO- 2017” international competition o innovative projects is announced

 “Online EXPO- 2017” international competition o innovative projects is announced 04.02.2015 Astana, www.online-expo2017.com – International exposition EXPO-2017 in Astana is one of the key projects of Kazakhstan. Initiative of organization of such outstanding event belongs to the Head of the state N.A. Nazarbayev. For the first time, in preparing for EXPO an international competition “Online EXPO- 2017” is initiated, which will be held annually before the exhibition. According to its results the best projects will be entitled to be represented at the site of EXPO - 2017. As part of the competition from 10 November 2014 on site www.online-expo2017.com a platform will be opened, and anybody may become its participant. Also, users have a unique opportunity to speak as an expert. Competition objective is to define the most perspective innovations and technologies to provide stable growth of national economies in terms of climate change on the principles of energy and resource-saving, adaptation of recent developments “Energies of the future”. Tasks of the Competition are: - creation of information resources of perspective innovations, energy and resource-saving technologies, best practices for technology transfer, development of "Energy of the Future" and ecosystem services; - formation of database of experts, winners of international and national competitions and exhibitions, financial institutions, development funds and institutions, potential investors, sponsors, media innovation portals, mass media; - ranking of the most effective projects, technologies, productions and maintenance of the corresponding register. Participation in the Competition is open to individuals and legal entities, regardless of their citizenship and place of registration, who are the developers and owners of the ideas implemented in a prototype or model with an interest in their commercialization. Competition of innovative projects will be held on 5 themes: - renewable and alternative energy sources; - clean technologies in the traditional energy sector (accumulation and transportation of energy, coal, hydrocarbons, coal mine methane, associated gas of oil development and etc.); - energy efficiency and resource saving; - “Green” chemistry and new composite ecological materials, recycling of waste (solid, liquid, air) and CO2; - organic agriculture adapted to climate change, promoting the absorption of CO2 and methane emission reduction, and sustainable water supply.

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