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The Largest in the Country Feed Yard Is Being Constructed in Pavlodarskaya Oblast

The Largest in the Country Feed Yard Is Being Constructed in Pavlodarskaya Oblast 29.12.2014 KazAgroFinance JSC provides financing for construction of the feed yard for simultaneous management of 10 000 head of cattle based on the operating feed yard for 3000 head. The Project value is over KZT4.5 mlrd., where the funds by KazAgroFinance JSC will be KZT3.626 mlrd. The funds are allocated from the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan at 6% p.a. for 9.5 years. Feed yards are one of the links in the beef export potential development chain in the republic. The core factor for fattening is the availability of the enough feed resources. The cattle is under store feeding for some months and gaining weight of up to 400-450 kilogram. Totally, in 2014 KazAgroFinance JSC commissions 5 feed yard projects with the total capacity of 1 670 head. Let us recall, the National Holding “KazAgro”, which KazAgroFinance JSC is a part of, takes part in implementation of the Beef Export Potential Development Program through financing the construction of reproducer farms, feed yards and breed development under “Sybaga” Program. Within this Program since 2011 Kazakhstan has imported about 50 thous. head of high-productivity cattle, including for the Holding’s account – 37 thous. head; for this period there have been created 117 thous. feed places, including for the account of KazAgro – 18.7 thous. feed places. Within “Sybaga” Program the Holding has financed the purchase of 205.3 thous. head of cattle for the farmers. Moreover, this year the Holding has introduced the new credit instruments for livestock farming – dairy farm development, sheep breeding, horse breeding development and construction of the flooding infrastructure of pastures.

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