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Food Supply

Food Supply 15.10.2014 “There always is time for good deeds” by such a motive were guided the employees of KazAgroFinance JSC in South-Kazakhstan oblast, which initiated conducting the charitable action in Shymkent city. The action was arranged with the support by the Public Fund “Shugala”. In the course of the event, the Company’s employees collected the funds, which they spent for purchasing of the food baskets for the need families in Shymkent city. The list of families was prepared by the employees of Fund “Shugala”. In total, the help was provided to 16 families and the habitants of hostel in Abaiskiy region of Shymkent city. The food basket consisted of the most necessary for each family goods. According to Furkhat Mirkarimov, Deputy Director of Branch KazAgroFinance JSC in South-Kazakhstan oblast, “The food basket included such products as flour, vegetables, fruits, cereals, grocery goods, wash and cleaning means”. The content of one basket should be enough for the average household for two months. The people, who got the aid, were very grateful for this action by KazAgroFinance JSC. According to them, the aid was unexpected, but very handy. Apart from the KazAgroFinance employees, the call for help was acceded to by the borrowers from South-Kazakhstan oblast, such as Agro Miller group LLP, Grainprom LLP, Bereke plus kz LLP, PC Tileuberdy MTS, Farm Bereke, PC Baitygel, Farm Turan, PC Adilet-5, Amankeldi LLP, and Farm Bekbolat. The employees of Branch KazAgroFinance JSC in South-Kazakhstan oblast intend to arrange such actions in future.

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