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"KazAgro" simplifies the process of collecting the documents for lending

"KazAgro" simplifies the process of collecting the documents for lending 22.09.2014 National holding "KazAgro" starts trial operation of electronic information systems, which will allow farmers to significantly simplify the procedure of lending. As noted in the holding company, thanks to the innovation potential borrower has an opportunity to apply for funding, without having to visit the offices of its subsidiaries. Introduced "KazAgro" The system should relieve farmers from unnecessary trips to regional centers, considerably reducing their time and cost. To do this, you need only a computer connected to the Internet and the applicant's electronic digital signature (EDS). A new system for collecting and processing loan applications, which is available on the website "KazAgro" at: www.credit.kazagro.kz initially accepting applications for funding under the leasing program "KazAgroFinance". Until the end of this year, the service will be available for all types of credit programs of JSC "Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture" and JSC "Agricultural Credit Corporation." The process of loan application in electronic format will consist of the following steps: The client on the website of National holding "KazAgro" fills an electronic application, with some documents loaded from the e-government portal in automatic mode and not automated documents downloaded from the user's computer and signed by EDS. Following the signing of a digital signature in an electronic loan application goes to the appropriate subsidiary. The results of loan application the borrower can watch in your account on the portal of the holding. In addition to this, the client in "online mode" can be notified the credit manager if necessary to supplement the loan application documents. The introduction of the electronic system allows technicians to "KazAgro" automate the receipt of the documents without the presence of agricultural producers, minimize the time of consideration of the draft, the transition to the service of landowners on the principle of "one window" and to reduce the financial and time costs of the borrower to the collection of documents. JSC "National Holding" KazAgro "implements the state policy on the development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, by ensuring effective investment management companies included in its structure. The holding includes JSC "National Company" Food Contract Corporation ", JSC" KazAgroProduсt "," KazAgroFinance "JSC," Agrarian Credit Corporation ", JSC" Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture ", JSC" KazAgroGarant "and JSC" KazAgroMarketing. "

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