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A Drop Saves A River

A Drop Saves A River 19.09.2014 The Head of Farm “Polivnoye”, Abduakhat Ibragimov in Karaganda region has got a heavy yield, who had for the first time installed a drip irrigation system thanks to financing from KazAgroFinance JSC this year. Last year there was signed a Memorandum on Launch of a Pilot Project for Drip Irrigation between the Akimat and National Managing Holding “KazAgro” in Karaganda region. Within its framework the unique terms were offered to the farmers of the region: firstly, equipment was leased without down payment, and the fields themselves equipped with the system were accepted as collateral. Secondly, the Akimat of region fixed the subsidies for drip irrigation at KZT150 thous. per ha, thus they are three times lower those in the country in whole. In general, the cost of the drip irrigation system installed by Farm “Polivnoye” amounted to KZT17.8 mln. The funds were allocated from the non-budgetary sources at 12.8% p.a., where 7% is subsidized by the government. The leasing term is 5 years. The farmer has grown the vegetables such as potato, beetroot, carrot, cabbage and onion under the drip irrigation. - Total area in our farm is 360 ha, but we installed the drip irrigation system on 44 ha, Abduakhat Ibragimov, Head of Farm “Polivnoye”, says. - We cultivate the most diverse vegetables – potato, carrot, cabbage onion, and beetroot. We have not yet started harvesting the drip land plots, but we hope that we get up to 40 ton per ha. Certainly, we could not achieve this success without the governmental support! Some six years ago we considered a “drip”, but calculated the costs and did not come to decision. Indeed, each ha costs almost USD3 thous. And having the governmental support, thanks to leasing from KazAgroFinance, we almost had not invested our money, and our plans turned into reality. We see now the economic advantages of the new technology, since in addition to increase in yield, it allows saving water and mineral fertilizers, and diesel fuel due to the fact that we need not running the sprinkling machine around the field now. That’s why we expect to increase the areas with drip irrigation for 100-150 ha next year. Moreover, there are provided the investment subsidies of 30% of the Project value for the farmers. In addition to the support instruments mentioned, the Karaganda region budget pays the subsidies for potato based on KZT4500 per ha, vegetables - KZT14500 as well. There are the subsidies for cheapening the seeds and fertilizers. In a word, the support is very powerful. If a farmer is willing to work, all the more implementing the advanced technologies, he has all the opportunities for it now! Financing of drip irrigation systems is a priority trend of financing with KazAgroFinance JSC. Totally, there were approved 30 projects to the amount of KZT2 269.1 mln., with the capacity of 4 488.8 ha. Some 29 projects to the amount of KZT1 908.3 mln., with the capacity of 4 369.8 ha were financed for the account of the National Fund and non-budgetary sources.

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