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They Settle the Grain Storage Problem

They Settle the Grain Storage Problem  18.08.2014 The harvesting campaign is coming, and when talking with the crop producer-agrarians you can hear a note of nervousness: abundant precipitation may play a low-down trick like the last year – grain is feeble, weightless. But it is already clear that the gross output will take place. And the problem with grain processing and storage will arise along with the abundant milling. Ivan Fisenko, Director of “Zagradovskoye” LLP in North-Kazakhstan oblast, has released its enterprise from this problem at once. This autumn the Zagradovka people will not stand in the block-long lines, send KamAZes another 100 and 200 kilometer for searching the free grain storages. They will receive the grain themselves. Ivan Fisenko from Zagradovka village is good at calculating and planning, and profitably maneuvering the borrowings. It was 10 years ago when he for the first time applied to KazAgroFinance for leasing of the machinery. Now, he hardly remembers what was that a harvester or seeding unit, because since that time his rolling stock operating on the frontline during sowing or harvesting campaign has been renewed in full. He purchased the harvesters for the enterprise’s own funds as well, whereof the director recalls ruefully: “It was probably stupid to pay these 6 million at once, when you could spread this payment and let the funds circulating, but such people we are in the village – we don’ t like to be indebted. Our state of mind still prevents us from doing this”, summarized Fisenko smiling. When the grain production process had been brought up to the international level, it was about time to think about reducing the risks and costs on its processing and storage. They in Zagradovka village come to this issue (as well as to any other) with business gumption. It is one thing to erect a grain storage and pay a great deal of money and it is quite another when the Business Plan and Construction Project are calculated meticulously, and a part of works is done by your own forces - surely, any agricultural enterprise, where 60-100 people are working, is able to do it. Fisenko did this way. They performed laying of foundation and other concrete works by themselves, and he paid the specialists for the hoppers and equipment installation for the KazAgroFinance credit’s account. Of course, much force, time and nerves were spent, but the result is impressive – the enterprise got its own grain receipt, drying and storage point with the capacity of 10 thous. ton. Taking into account that “Zagradovskoye” has the store houses of 10 thous. ton, then it is quite able to store the average yield. “Price difference, - the agrarian calculates the profit, - between the grain from the licensed grain reception point and our point is KZT600. We can state this fairly: we have undertaken and sold 1000 ton for the very acceptable price recently. Why not? Grain is clear, dry. Today there are a lot of traders, who agree to self-pickup. That’s all margin!”. This is the scarce data on the object. The project value of Granary “Zagradovskoye” LLP amounted to KZT510 mln., where KZT341 mln. was the National Fund’s money allocated to KazAgroFinance at 6% p.a. These funds were used for purchase of equipment and civil and construction works. The grain storage is featured as follows: grain receipt from the motor transport is carried out by two flows, the granary is equipped with the grain cleaning line with the capacity of 100 t/h. The grain drying capacity is 31 t/h, when the humidity is lowering to 4%. The loading of grain on the motor transport will be made using the line of 200 t/h. There are 5 storage silos, each 2 000 ton. In conclusion, it stands to say in addition that KazAgroFinance is actively working on increasing the number of such granaries. The construction and upgrading of the up-to-date granaries for storing the harvest is the priority trend of financing by “KazAgroFinance” JSC under the National Fund line. Totally, since the beginning of implementation of the Investment Projects in 2009 in cooperation with “KazAgroFinance” JSC there were approved 18 projects of granaries with the capacity of 275 000 ton to the total amount of KZT10 850 mln. Since the beginning of this year two granaries of 24 000 ton have been commissioned. It is expected that another 5 granaries with the total storage capacity of 143 000 ton to be commissioned till the end of the year. Maybe, the day, when along all the roads the horizon with the golden spikes will be everywhere decorated by the shiny silo cylinders, and the yield of any volume and any humidity will be a real pleasure for the farmers, is near at hand. Viktor Budnin

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