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Kazakhstani Agrarians Will Obtain Harvesting Machinery on Attractive Terms

Kazakhstani Agrarians Will Obtain Harvesting Machinery on Attractive Terms 24.07.2014 During the harvesting season when the farmer counts every penny, KazAgroFinance JSC has developed the Program “Harvest 2014”, which will simplify the terms of leasing of harvesting machinery to the uttermost. Under the Program “Harvest 2014” KazAgroFinance JSC offers two options of leasing to the Kazakhstani agrarians. The first option provides for obtaining by the farmer of the machinery without collateral, having only paid the first payment of 10 per cent instead of regular 15. The second option provides for the ability to use a harvester, having deferred the payment till November 15 and provided the grain harvested in 2014 of 10 percent of the machinery value as collateral under the grain receipt. As soon as the farmer could pay the first leasing payment, the collateral shall be released. The same terms are applicable to the leasing of grain dryers, rice and cotton harvesting machinery. The harvesting machinery is leased at 12.8 per cent. At that, the state subsidizes 7 percent of the total financing rate. Thus, the leasing rate for the agricultural machinery with KazAgroFinance JSC will be 5.8% instead of 12.8% p.a. At the present time KazAgroFinance JSC is actively collecting the applications. As of today, there have been received 467 applications to the amount of over KZT13.3 mlrd. Last year there were leased 210 units of machinery to the amount of KZT4.4 mlrd. under the similar program. To support the domestic producer the priority will be placed on the Kazakhstani harvesters assembled at AgroMashHolding factory and Vector combine factory.

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