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New Feed Mill Will Be Launched in Akmola Region.

New Feed Mill Will Be Launched in Akmola Region. 25.06.2014 The up-to-date feed mill AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG with the capacity of 15 ton per hour will be launched in Akmola region. The new high-tech production facilities have been built for the account of German investments and with financial support from KazAgroFinance JSC within the framework of implementation of the Investment Projects in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan and development of the Fodder Production Program. The mill was designed under the AGRAVIS technology taking into account the many years’ experience of the concern in the animal feeding; it is equipped with the line from the leading Swiss manufacturer Bühler, which has been installed by Bosche Systembau GMBH. The objective of mill construction is to produce a complete feed of high quality in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan applying the innovative technologies of AGRAVIS concern. The integrated European quality standards GMP, HACCP, QS, composition of feeding programs, formula optimization, and laboratory are all the important aspects of up-to-date, high-tech and successful production. Total Project’s value is over KZT1 mlrd., where the funds of KazAgroFinance JSC, being a part of the National Holding “KazAgro”, allocated from the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, amounted to about KZT634 mln. The terms of financing are 6% p.a. Within the framework of the Program “Road Map 2020” the feed mill has been connected to all necessary utilities such as power supply and motor road. Thanks to the up-to-date technologies, the feed mill “Agrо-Trading 2007” LLP will allow introducing the maximum number of vitamins, micro and macro elements for each type of animals - cattle, small cattle, pigs and poultry - in the feed formulas. Wheat, barley, sunflower protein meal, mill offal and AGRAVIS premix (special protein and vitamin additives) will be mainly used during the production process. In general, to date the National Holding “KazAgro” Group is implementing 417 projects to the total amount of KZT263.8 mlrd. in the agricultural sector of the republic. Of them, 310 projects have been commissioned by now. Among the commissioned projects 160 objects have reached the project capacity. At that, over 11 thous. of working places are being arranged. The key financial operator implementing the Holding’s investment projects is KazAgroFinance JSC. Mixed feed is an essential part of the animals' ration, since the main feed (hay, silo, haylage) is short of nutrients, i.e. the balanced ration allows gaining the high indices in milking yield or weight. It is no secret that in agriculture, like in elite sport, the dietary forms the basis for success. The nutrients, which are present in the mixed feed, have a high level of accessibility. Finally, it will reduce the volumes of feed consumed, and allow saving the farmer’s funds. In future, the press service of KazAgroFinance JSC intends to arrange the press tour to the feed mill for the mass media concerned.

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