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Investment in Agriculture – Profitable Agribusiness!

Investment in Agriculture – Profitable Agribusiness!  11.06.2014 The opportunities for investing in the agricultural sectors, peculiarities of the Kazakhstani market, and attractive trends of agribusiness development are the key topics of the first Agricultural Investment Forum of Kazakhstan, which takes place on June 17-18, 2014 in Astana city. Today, in the National Holding “KazAgro” Group the key operator at the agricultural investment market is KazAgroFinance JSC. It implements the main large investment projects in the agricultural sector. For the last four years KazAgroFinance JSC has raised the investments of EUR1.7 mlrd., where 45 per cent are the budget funds, and the other 55 are the ones raised from the external sources. In particular, since 2009, 299 large investment projects (construction and upgrading of the industrial poultry farms, large greenhouses, construction of reproducer farms, vegetable storehouses, granaries, dairy farms and etc.) have been financed and commissioned within the framework of 14 investment trends. For the last year only, there were commissioned 63 projects, this year it is expected that at least 65 new projects to be commissioned in the village. Within the framework of the Forum KazAgroFinance JSC plays a key mediator role between the agribusiness and investors (mostly foreign). This event will be attended by over 70 large international and national companies – market participants and 56 borrowers of KazAgroFinance JSC. The potential investors will be suggested 5 “solutions”, among which are the projects for upgrading the equipment at the operating poultry meat farm in Kostanai region, upgrading of cattle management complex based on the operating premises in Akmola region and other. Thus, this will allow showing the Kazakhstani market potential and establishing new networking between the investors and business. Participation in Forum is a great opportunity for the investors to get an idea about the situation with the investment market in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan, to choose the attractive routes for investing and developing their business. For the farmers this is a chance to find the new sources of financing for further development, introduction of new technologies, and switch to industrial track. The Forum is the very place, where these groups may find the areas of common interest and make new contracts. This will result in a strong impact on the development of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan and strengthen the positions of the national products at the market. In total, today the investment portfolio of the National Holding “KazAgro” accounts for about 400 various infrastructure projects to the total value of over KZT250 mlrd. The Holding provides financing and supervises the implementation of the projects in 17 areas of agriculture ranging from construction of large dairy farms and industrial greenhouse complexes to introduction of drip irrigation systems and creation of feed yards and pedigree cattle reproducer farms. To date, over 300 production objects to the total value of about KZT200 mlrd. of all projects being implemented have been commissioned. For more details about Forum and registration please visit: http://www.adamsmithconferences.com/event/agribusiness-agriculture-grain-kazakhstan.

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