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The first Agribusiness Investment Forum will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan

The first Agribusiness Investment Forum will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan                  10.06.2014 Potential of agriculture and the domestic agriculture investment opportunities will be presented at the first Agro-Industrial Investment Forum in Kazakhstan, which will be held on 17-18 June 2014 with the participation of representatives of the international agricultural community. Important for the agricultural sector of the republic event was organized by National Holding "KazAgro" and the British company Adam Smith Conferences (Adam Smith Institute) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to organizers, the international forum will bring about 150 companies for potential investors from Europe, USA, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As you know, the investment portfolio of national holding "KazAgro" today is about 400 various infrastructure projects worth more than 250 billion tenge. Financing and control projects holding leads in 17 areas of agriculture - from the construction of large-commodity dairy farms and industrial greenhouses before the introduction of drip irrigation systems and the creation of feedlots and breeding cattle breeders. By this time, of all of the projects put into operation more than 300 manufacturing facilities totaling about 200 billion tenge. And, as noted in the "KazAgro" Holding is interested in engaging in large-scale transformations in the country's agro-industrial complex foreign investment and modern technology. Format Agroindustrial Investment Forum in Kazakhstan suggests a series of thematic sessions, which in addition to foreign investors will bring together representatives of Kazakhstan business formations, governments and development institutions. "The agricultural sector of Kazakhstan in the global context: the present role of Kazakhstan and that he can offer to investors?"; "Key government initiatives and priorities to boost agricultural sector in Kazakhstan and investment"; "Production and export markets for products" Made in Kazakhstan ". Geographical positioning of Kazakhstan in relation to agricultural export markets "- some of the topics for discussion at that forum organizers. In addition to the sessions participants will discuss issues of joint projects during the "round table" meetings and in the format of "One on One", which will be discussed ways of cooperation through personal contacts with top managers of organizations. All information about upcoming Agro-Industrial Investment Forum of Kazakhstan is located on website: http://www.adamsmithconferences.com/event/agribusines "The main task of the" Agro-Industrial Investment Forum of Kazakhstan "is to demonstrate the international community agricultural investment opportunities in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan, created as part of the national program" Agribusiness in 2020. "We look forward to your participation in our forum, the work in which promises to be an interesting and meaningful "- said Minister of Agriculture Asylzhan Mamytbekov, referring to the potential participants of the forum.

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