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Completion of the Country Largest Greenhouse Complex

Completion of the Country Largest Greenhouse Complex 27.12.2013 Topar Greenhouses is certainly one of the most aspiring greenhouse projects in our country. The largest greenhouse complex with the total area of 24 hectares, as such, is the whole agricultural town located in the territory of the farm of 357 ha (Topar village, Karagandinskaya oblast). Before the beginning of this year the complex has already consisted of 16 ha operating traditional greenhouses for tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper, lemons and mushrooms. However, the farm management wished to extend its boundaries and introduce innovations in its work. In summer of 2013, thanks to the financial support of “KazAgroFinance” JSC the large-scale construction of the Kazakhstan largest greenhouse for 8 ha according to the Dutch system applying the low-volume support medium technology and drip irrigation has been commenced in the territory of the greenhouse complex. In general, “KazAgroFinance” JSC financed the project to the amount of KZT4.2 mlrd., including purchase of the equipment for the greenhouse complex, as well as financing of the construction and installation works. So far January 4, 2014 they will sow the cucumber seedlings on the support medium in the new greenhouse. The greenhouse employees assure that the oblast residents may taste the first harvest as early as by 8th of March! It is expected that by 2015 the Project will produce up to 8500 tons of fruit and vegetables a year. Countrywide, within the framework of the Investment Trend “Creation of Network of Greenhouse Complexes” there were commissioned 10 greenhouse complexes with the total area of 31.4 ha to the amount of KZT9 mlrd., which produce 22 thous. tons of vegetables a year. By the way, to date the investment portfolio of the group of companies National Holding “KazAgro” includes 346 Investment Projects to the total amount of KZT237.5 mlrd., the number of work places being created is 12.4 thous. for the operation period. There were commissioned 280 projects to the total amount of KZT177.8 mlrd.

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