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Export of the Kazakhstan Turkey Meat to Moscow

Export of the Kazakhstan Turkey Meat to Moscow 30.11.2013 Today the next batch of livestock products from Kazakhstan has been consigned to the Moscow market (Russia). The poultry complex “Ordabasy Kus” LLP for growing, slaughtering and processing of turkey meat has shipped 74 ton of its products to the neighbouring Russia within the contract with one of the Moscow trade company this week. Totally, as of today, the turkey poultry farm, constructed with funding under the line of the National Holding “KazAgro”, has exported over 3 500 ton of turkey meat to the neighbouring country. The up-to-date poultry complex “Ordabasy Kus” LLP for 4 820 ton of live weight poultry meat had arranged the production since 2011. The enterprise is located in Badam village, Ordabasy reion, South-Kazakhstan oblast, and is one of the project for the commercial turkey meat production in the agricultural sector of the republic. The total value of the Project taking the capacity extension into account is KZT5.5 bln. The Project was financed by “KazAgroFinance” JSC, the company, being a part of the National Holding “KazAgro”. Today, the poultry farm is extending the production facilities - more 10 poultry houses has been constructed in addition to 15 operating ones, the slaughterhouse capacity will be increased from 10 thous. ton to 20 thous. ton a year, as well as the meat deep processing plant with capacity of 5 ton of meat a day has been commissioned with the support from “KazAgroFinance” JSC. All these activities are expected to be completed by the end of this year. To date the output of 55 types of products ranging from the diet meat to its derivative products has been arranged at the poultry complex. At that, it is scheduled to extend the product range up to 100 items. The especial pride of the poultry farm is a kazy from the turkey, which is prepared following its individual recipe. Since start-up of the enterprise it has been created 327 working places, and it is expected that more 87 workers to be employed upon start-up of 10 new poultry houses. About 30 per cent of produced meat is exported to Russia. In Kazakhstan the turkey meat under the trademark “Dyamdi et” is sold in South-Kazakhstan oblast, East-Kazakhstan oblast, Zhambylskaya, Pavlodarskaya, Karagandinskaya oblasts, as well as in Astana and Almaty. Extending the production facilities, the Company is planning to deliver the products to the west regions of the country, as well as to develop the Central Asian and European markets. The poultry farm products are certified and comply with HACCP and ISO. Moreover, the poultry complex from South-Kazakhstan oblast is the prize winner of a number of international competitions, the last of which are – the first prize at the competition by USAID “Best Exporter of Central Asia-2013” and the grand prize in the nomination “Best Quality System Enterprise” of the Russian competition “National Turkey-2013”. In Kazakhstan the enterprise applies for the grand prize “Altyn Sapa-2013”. The poultry complex “Ordabasy Kus” LLP is not the only enterprise, which arranged the export of its products. Today, among the largest projects, financed by the National Holding “KazAgro” Group and delivering the products to the neighbouring Russia, is the feed yard “Crown Batys” LLP from West-Kazakhstan oblast. This enterprise was financed by “KazAgroProduct” JSC, and to date, it exports the premium beef to Moscow and Samara within the current contracts. Moreover, in November, this year, the meat plant “AstanaAgroProduct” LLP has entered the Moscow market with its products, which construction was in due course financed by “Agrarian Credit Corporation” JSC, being one of the companies of “KazAgro”. The investment portfolio of the National Managing Holding “KazAgro” accounts for 320 projects being implemented in the agricultural sector of the republic. Their aggregate value is KZT228 bln. To date, 243 projects to the total value of KZT160 bln. have been commissioned. In 2013 it is expected that more 68 investment projects to be implemented. According to the estimation by the experts from “KazAgro”, the effect from the implementation of the projects will allow decreasing the poultry meat import by 52.3%, the milk import by 18%, reducing the vegetable deficiency in the off-season time by 53% and the fruit and vegetable storage capacity by 39%. Within the framework of the Program for Livestock Breeding and Its Export Potential Development, the National Holding “KazAgro” provides financing for the import of the high-productive pedigree cattle with creation of the pedigree reproducer farms, purchase of the cattle breeding stock and the stud bulls for the farms, as well as creation of the feed yards. In the course of implementation of the Program 56 reproducer farms, 4 feed yards, 12 forage production projects have been implemented. Totally, the National Holding “KazAgro” allocated over KZT1.2 trn. for the support of the agricultural sector yet. The Holding’s total loan portfolio exceeds KZT330 bln., it is 50% оf the total volume of the agricultural sector loans. The total number of the borrowers is about 23 thous. entrepreneurs in rural area. Using the Holding’s Programs, over 15 thous. people have been employed, including 2 thous. new working places have been created.

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