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Start-up of Meat and Egg Poultry Farm in Atyrauskaya oblast

Start-up of Meat and Egg Poultry Farm in Atyrauskaya oblast 07.10.2013 The construction of the region largest poultry farm “Atyrau Sauda” LLP with the total capacity of over 58 ton of poultry meat and up to 11 million of eggs per year has been completed in Atyrauskaya oblast through “KazAgroFinance” JSC within the framework of implementation of the Project “Creation of Network and Development of Operating Poultry Farms”. The Project, aimed at ensuring of the food safety of the oblast dwellers, complies with the European poultry keeping standards and has the up-to-date equipment made by the leading Italian and German manufacturers. The total amount of financing from “KazAgroFinance” JSC is KZT250 mln. allocated for purchasing of the cage equipment for the replacement chicks and layer chickens, as well as the equipment for the feed milling plant built for providing the poultry with the necessary feed. The term of financing of the Project is 7 years at the rate of 9% p.a. To date the poultry farm “Atyrau Sauda” LLP produces up to 45 000 eggs daily. It is scheduled to start slaughtering of the broilers up to 163 kg of meat products per day since April of 2014 at the poultry farm. In general, 18 meat and egg poultry farms to the total amount of KZT20.3 mlrd. were financed and commissioned through “KazAgroFinance” JSC within the Investment Trend “Creation of Network and Development of Operating Poultry Farms” in the country. In 2013 it is planned to commission three large poultry farms, the largest of which is the poultry farm “Atyrau Sauda” LLP in the republic. For information, the Company has invested about KZT1676 mln. in Atyrauskaya oblast for 2005-2013. There were financed six large industrial projects under such trends as meat processing, development of fruits and vegetables, industrial and oil crops cultivation applying the drip irrigation systems, creation of vegetable storehouses, as well as leasing of agricultural machinery, baking equipment and other.

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