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Support of landowners on the eve of a big harvest season.

Support of landowners on the eve of a big harvest season. 26.08.2013 The Kazagro national holding intends to strengthen possibilities of domestic landowners before harvesting in the main grain sowing regions of the country. It is a question of new financing terms at acquisition by farms demanded in this season a grain- dryer, combine and cotton-picking harvesters within the Crop-2013 program, and also leasing of the agricultural machinery which was in operation. New rules are developed by JSC Kazagrofinance, the company in Kazagro National holding structure which carries out direct financing of the directions connected with updating of technical park and processing equipment in agrosector of the republic. Measures undertaken before a harvest season have to become notable support for farms with the limited budget, many of which are compelled to attract during the high season the rented combine, breaking thus all agrotechnical terms and losing quality of grain, and at times and all crop. It should be noted that drying and safety of a crop - one of important technological stages at its cleaning. According to estimates of the experts, some farms this year can face a problem of storage of a damp crop. Preferential terms of "Kazagrofinance" at acquisition of the equipment for drying and cleaning of grain mean granting a delay on payment of the first leasing payment till November 15, 2013 and its decrease to 10%. Besides at the expense of subsidizing the remuneration rate decreases to 5,8%. The same conditions are applicable and at acquisition of combine and cotton-picking harvesters within the Crop-2013 program. Thus in leasing the grain-harvesting equipment of the Russian and Kazakhstan production – combines "Field", "Yenisei", "Essil", "Vector", "Akros" and similar to them on price and technical characteristics grain - and cotton-picking equipment is provided rather inexpensive and not strongly expensive in service. According to new rules peasants were given opportunity to acquire in leasing agricultural machinery made and being in operation in foreign countries. Approving conditions on this category, the National holding and "Kazagrofinance" met numerous inquiries of the peasants, wishing to get, so-called, "used" but still high-performance equipment at rather inexpensive price and with acceptable conditions. It should be noted that besides privileges at acquisition of the drying equipment and equipment the decision of Board of directors of the National managing director of Kazagro holding provides also changes at acquisition on the large cattle Kazagrofinance line. For example, now farmers cattle breeders have an opportunity to buy from abroad breeding cattle of 2 categories. As experts note, such KRS is demanded by domestic farms as has similar characteristics, however, thus is more available at cost. One more innovation is connected with the beginning of financing of JSC Kazagrofinance of acquisition of the breeding cattle which has been grown up by the Kazakhstan producers. The new program and flexible conditions on it are aimed at the further development of meat animal husbandry in Kazakhstan. All detailed information on the new directions and financing terms are available to all agricultural producers on JSC Kazagrofinance site in the section "Company Products". JSC National Operating Holding Kazagro realizes a state policy on development of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan by ensuring effective management with investment assets of the companies entering into its structure. The structure of holding includes JSC Food contract corporation National Company, JSC Kazagroproduct, JSC Kazagrofinance, JSC Agrarian Credit Corporation, JSC Fund of Financial Support of Agriculture, JSC Kazagrogarant and JSC Kazagromarketing.

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