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For the first time in Kazakhstan demo-show of agricultural machinery will be held 22.07.2013

For the first time in Kazakhstan demo-show of agricultural machinery will be held	22.07.2013 22.07.2013 As a part of the first specialized exhibition "Kazakhstan's Field Day "Zhana Dala - 2013 " a unique show of agricultural machinery with foreign professional drivers will be held, in which multi-ton «iron horses» will perform acrobatics. Performance of unusual tasks and complex pirouettes - all this promises to be a highlight of the demonstrations of agricultural machinery in the upcoming event. Also in the scope of the exhibition, a test drive of farm machinery is provided, in which anyone can evaluate presented technique. In addition, latest technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops will be presented during event. Thus, technolody of sowing seeds at high speed will be demonstrated on the experimental fields of the SPC named after A.I.Baraev. The uniqueness of the technology consists of high speed combined with extreme precision, thus achieving the unique combination of ultimate performance with the most precise laying of the foundation for future crops. Another novelty presented during the Field Day "Zhana Dala - 2013" will be a unique processing technology of fields, weed control using an innovative system installed on field sprayers. The advantage of this system is that sensors detect weeds and special spray nozzle only spray those places where weeds are. Thus, saving of herbicides upto 80% regardless of growth intensity of weeds. The process of spraying is carried out at high speed, which together provide a high efficiency of chemical processing plants. Moreover, during the event visitors will be presented with a number of new high-performance plant protection, developed on nanotechnology and organic micronutrients for crop improvement. Another new product that will be presented during the Field Day, is a new photovoltaic systems designed to convert solar radiation into electricity. They are completely safe for the environment and can be successfully applied to distant pastures, for the needs of the field-based teams and wells for livestock watering and apiaries. In addition, it is expected that lively interest of visitors will cause a new grain cleaning machine designed for separation, depending on the biological value of seed crops, vegetable crops and perennial grasses. The true uniqueness of the machine is that it is able to separate grains affected by harmful insects - bugs and bug weevil, as well as peas, struck bruhusom, rotten corn separate from the healthy. Thus, this technology allows for producing high-quality seed from germination to 99.5%. Special attention is given to a new line of silage in a package which will be demonstrated on the stage of mowing grass before loading rolls on a special platform for further transport. The uniqueness of process is that the packaging silage in tape provides longer retention of useful components of such feed and eliminates damage. These and other trends will be presented to the guests and participants of the first specialized exhibition-demonstration "Kazakhstan's Field Day "Zhana Dala - 2013". The event will take place over three days - July 25-27, 2013. Organizer of the event is JSC "KazAgroMarketing", a subsidiary company of National Holding "KazAgro". Date: 25-27 July 2013 Location: Nauchnyi village, Akmola region, demonstration fields of the SPC named after A.I.Baraev. Around 40 companies are presented. The program of the exhibition: a unique show of agricultural machinery, the demonstration in practice the benefits of varieties and hybrids with the main crops, as well as the effect of applying plant protection products and fertilizers. Details on website: http://apkset.kz/ Contact number: +7 (7172) 555 436, +7 701 588 54 97. Admission is free. Each agrarian knows that future success is the modernization of the production! Reference: Mission of JSC "KazAgroMarketing" is to implement public policies to promote the formation of market infrastructure, agricultural goods and services, which provides access to the subjects of agricultural information resources and consulting services based on extensive regional network of rural information and counseling centers and advanced information technology. JSC "National Managing Holding" KazAgro" implements the national policy for the development of agriculture in Kazakhstan by providing effective management of investment assets of the companies included in its structure. JSC "National Company" Food Contract Corporation "JSC," KazAgroProdukt "," KazAgroFinance ", JSC" Agrarian Credit Corporation ", JSC" Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture ", JSC" KazAgroGarant "and JSC" KazAgroMarketing. " are included in holding.

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