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In Akmolinskaya oblast at the farm there have come into the world 175 Aberdeen Angus elite calves!

In Akmolinskaya oblast at the farm there have come into the world 175 Aberdeen Angus elite calves! 12.06.2013 The Aberdeen Angus pedigree stock from North Dakota (USA) was imported via “KazAgroFinance” JSC, the subsidiary of the National Holding “KazAgro”, within the Beef Export Potential Development Program in 2011. Over 440 heads of beef cattle were located at the pedigree reproducer-farm in Shalkar village Tselinogradskiy region, Amolinskaya oblast (70 km away from Astana city). The foreign stock had successfully adopted and this spring the reproducer-farm “Shalkar” has got a first progeny. Today there are 175 Aberdeen Angus elite calves at the farm. According to the Director of the farm “Shalkar”, Dulat Kamzibayev, more 175 calves are expected to be born in the nearest months. It is estimated that the number of pedigree cattle has to increase almost by two times in 2013. There have been constructed 4 cow barns for 800 heads in the farm for placement of all stock. The feed yard is scheduled to be constructed within the expansion of the production facilities. To date, the majority of farms, which obtained the pedigree cattle via “KazAgroFinance” JSC within the framework of the investment trend “Development of Pedigree Farms (Reproducers)”, have the progeny adapted for the Kazakhstan climate. Further, the pedigree stock, raised in the territory of Kazakhstan, will be distributed between the other farms for the purpose of increasing of the highly productive beef cattle across the republic and the growth of the meat production as a whole. For information, as of today, within the Beef Export Potential Development Program “KazAgroFinance” JSC ensured the import of 16 087 head of cattle for 2011 – 2012. Totally, for 2011 it was imported 5 321 head of cattle, for 2012 it was imported more 10 766 head of Angus, Hereford, Charollais cattle and other. This year, 2013, within the Beef Export Potential Development Program it is expected that 14 000 head of foreign cattle to be imported via “KazAgroFinance” JSC. In total, for 2011-2012 within the reproducer-farm creation there were imported 30 thous. head of pedigree cattle into the republic, 22.7 thous. heads of which were purchased for the account of the National Holding “KazAgro”. Within the Farm Development Program the farmers purchased 115 thous. head of breeding stock and 4.5 thous. head of pedigree sires for 2011-2012 with the financial support from the group companies of the National Holding “KazAgro”. In 2013 the farms have purchased 20.3 thous. head of cattle and 1167 head of pedigree sires with the support from the Holding. For 2011-2012 in the republic there were created the feed yards with the total capacity of 35.2 thous. feed places, including for the account of “National Managing Holding “KazAgro” JSC – 17.7 thous. feed places, for the account of the farms and agricultural entities – 17.5 thous. feed places.

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