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Within the Republican Open Day of KazAgroFinance, on 25-26 of April the Field Working Group of the Company has held the meetings with the agricultural producers of Akmolinskaya oblast and replied to the journalists’ questions during the press-conference_E 26.04.2013 The event called “Open Day” aroused much interest among the agricultural producers of oblast. The agrarians from the uttermost regions of Akmolinskaya oblast arrived to the meeting with the representatives of “KazAgroFinance” JSC. The various experts of “KazAgroFinance” JSC (legal advisers, accountants, financial experts, loan administrators and etc.) have consulted a score of farmers of the region only during the first day. The key points of interest are provision of loans by “KazAgroFinance” JSC within the spring field campaign, reduction of the subsidy rate on the machinery, terms of loan extension, period of consideration of the applications for financing, particulars of the machinery import and general terms of financing by the Company under 14 Investment Trends. Moreover, on April 25, 2013 in the course of “Open Day” the top management of “KazAgroFinance” JSC represented by the Deputy Chairman of the Board Assylkhan Bolatovich Dzhuvashev, the Managing Director Zauresh Shokumanova, the Animal Breeding Advisor to Chairman of the Board Assylbek Kozhumratov and the Director of the Branch “KazAgroFinance” JSC in Akmolinsklaya oblast Bolat Sabitov held the press-conference and replied the issues regarding not only the investment projects of the Company and the terms of financing, but also commented the outstanding problems of the region. Such an “Open Day” of “KazAgroFinance” JSC will be held in all grain regions of the republic in the nearest future. The next meetings of the Working Group will be held with the agrarians of Kustanai, Pavlodar and Ust-Kamenogorsk. The event will be held as a consultation of each wishing farmer of oblast on any issues regarding financing and implementation of projects, both of the Company and the new productions in rural areas as a whole. The consulting group has been formed by the representatives of the Oblast Akimat, as well as the representatives of the People’s Democratic Party “Nur Otan” and the City Maslikhat, in addition to the experts of “KazAgroFinance” JSC. For information: As of today, it has been invested about KZT63.4 mlrd. in the agricultural sector of Akmolinskaya oblast through “KazAgroFinance” JSC (2000 – 2013). For 2000 – 2013 the Company has financed purchasing by the entities of Akmolinskaya oblast of 5 525 units of agricultural machinery to the total amount of KZT45 mlrd. Within the framework of preparation for the spring field campaign of 2013 the application for purchasing of 1268 units of the machinery to the amount of KZT112.95 mlrd., including the applications from Akmolinskaya oblast for purchasing of 119 units of machinery to the amount of KZT2.02 mlrd. have been submitted to the Company. Within the Program “Beef Export Potential Development” for 2011-2012 it was imported 2 813 heads of foreign cattle to Akmolinskaya oblast, including in 2011 – 1 560 heads, and in 2012 – 1253 heads, through “KaAgroFinance” JSC. As of today 11 of 16 Investment Projects approved in Akmolinskaya oblast to the amount of KZT4.0 milliard have been implemented and commissioned. Among them are two greenhouse complexes with the total area of 6.56 ha, three commercial vegetable storehouses with the total capacity of over 13 000 ton of vegetables, the dairy farm for 800 heads of cattle, as well as the projects for fodder production development and vegetable production applying the drip irrigation. In 2013 another 4 large projects to the amount of KZT772.7 million are expected to be commissioned in the oblast. These projects are mainly aimed at construction and modernization of the granaries as the strategic objects in this grain region of the republic. Moreover, under the support of “KaAgroFinance” JSC the projects for fodder production development, milk processing, as well as the egg poultry farm with the total output of 400 thousand eggs per day were launched, and are successfully operating in the oblast. In general, under all investment trends the terms of financing of “KaAgroFinance” JSC for the entities of agricultural sector of the country are from 4 to 6 % p.a. for the period of 5 up to 12 years with the grace period for the principal repayment of 1 up to 3 years. Moreover, within the Governmental Program “Agribusiness-2020” by subsidy of the part of interest rate under the agreements to be entered into with “KaAgroFinance” JSC for leasing of the agricultural machinery and special machinery, the state undertakes to reimburse the agricultural producers for 7% of the total financing rate. Thus, the interest rate on leasing of the agricultural machinery and special machinery with “KaAgroFinance” JSC taking into account the subsidy made up 5.8% instead of 12.8 % p.a. The period of subsidy is 3 years with the possibility of its extension up to 7 years.

Дата:  26.04.2013
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