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New Harvesters for New Harvest

New Harvesters for New Harvest 02.08.2012 KazAgroFinance has entered in the agreements for over 800 harvesters by the harvesting campaign of this year. As it was before, the wide range of grain harvesting machinery by the manufacturers and suppliers fr om the near and far abroad, as well as the Kazakhstan machinery plants is introduced to the national agrarians. The national leasing company contemplates to purchase about 320 harvesters “Essil” from Kostanai “Agromashholding” JSC and over 300 units of the machinery from “Combine Factory “Rostselmash” LLC within the framework of the agreements made. Moreover, as of today KazAgroFinance entered into the agreements for purchase of 100 “Yenisey”, 85 John Deere, 13 CLAAS and 15 Case harvesters. At that, it should be noticed that the so-called “completeness” of these agreements depends on the availability of interest and demand for the machinery by the farmers and the agricultural entities of the republic. Today, there are over 500 applications for purchase of the grain harvesters under consideration at KazAgroFinance. Currently, about 400 of them have been approved by the Credit Committee of the Company. KazAgroFinance provides financing for the most of the applications received and approved within the framework of the new program “Harvest of 2012”, which is aimed at the support of the small farms. Let us recall that since the beginning of summer the leasing company has, within the framework of the Program adopted by the National Holding “KazAgro”, approved the simplified terms of financing, which essentially extends the opportunities of the farmers for purchasing of the harvesters required for the harvesting campaign. The key points of innovation are the decrease of the advance payment for the harvesters purchased on lease basis for more than two times, grace periods for the payments until the farmers finish the harvesting. The relatively inexpensive and maintenance cost-effective grain harvesting machinery produced in Russia and Kazakhstan – “Niva”, “Yenisei”, “Essil”, “Vector”, and “Akros” harvesters are provided on lease basis. According to the Chairman of the Board of “KazAgroFinance” JSC, Nurlybek Malelov, all these undertaken measures shall become the visible support for the farms with the lim ited budget, many of which have to involve the leased harvester in the height of season, while upsetting all the agro technical terms and deteriorating the grain quality, and occasionally loosing the total harvest. In addition to the harvesters, KazAgroFinance supplies the other machinery necessary in the farms by the harvesting campaign. It refers to the grain drying equipment and “Belarus” tractors by “SemAZ” LLP. Since the beginning of 2012, KazAgroFinance has purchased over 530 units of the machinery from the Semei machinery plants, 507 tractors of which now have been transferred to the farms’ ownership. Let us recall that the construction of plant “SemAZ” was financed by KazAgroFinance in 2009 within the framework of implementation of the Investment Project “Arrangement of the Agricultural Machinery Assembly Factory”. For information: For 2000-2012 “KazAgroFinance” JSC has invested over KZT252 milliard in the development of the agricultural sector of the republic. During this period the leasing company has financed the purchase of about 20.5 thousand units of various agricultural machinery and the processing equipment to the total amount of KZT178.5 milliard. “KazAgroFinance” JSC is the company established by the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1999. The key goal is the support of the agricultural sector of the republic by providing the agricultural producers with the access to the financial funds, as well as to the agricultural machinery and technological equipment on the lease basis. It is a part of the National Managing Holding “KazAgro”.

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