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New Technologies in the Corporate Management System

New Technologies in the Corporate Management System 28.06.2012 There has been implemented the information system for automation of the principal processes for the client relationship management at “KazAgroFinance” JSC. The new software product allows elaborating the unified corporate approach in the work with the lessees and the borrowers of the Company. The Company carries out the improvement of the business processes applying the advanced information technologies according to the instructions by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the Provisions on the Key Activity Principals of Joint Stock Company “National Managing Holding “KazAgro” for the Corporate Management Efficiency Improvement. The software product was implemented by BORLAS-ELTAL based on Oracle Siebel CRM. The key goal is to create the balanced management system for the relationships with the clients and the structural subdivisions of the Company in the course of the whole process starting from the receipt of applications and registration of the applicants’ sets of documents and ending the monitoring and management of the process upon implementation of the projects. According to the Chairman of the Board of “KazAgroFinance” JSC Nurlybek Malelov, the new system will allow monitoring the staff work with regard to control of the time periods for performing the works, provision of the immediate reporting, monitoring of the efficiency and the activity key indices, both by the individual subdivisions and the whole Company, in order to analyse and make the management decisions. The implemented information system is applied by those structures, which maintain the long-term and multi-stage projects and involve the great number of employees and different subdivisions. The system provides for not only ensuring the individual approach to each project, but also proposes carrying out the control of the exact complying with the designated terms, terms of the agreement, as well as the coordinated work and accuracy of all employees involved in the process. All this allows achieving the following outcomes: • increase in the speed and quality of the client servicing; • formed unified company-wide approach to the client servicing; • automation of the work of the specialists of the Company’s structural subdivisions; • obtaining of the comprehensive information on the client cooperation for further work planning; • improvement of the quality and efficiency of the management decisions to be made; • improvement of the quality of collaboration between the structural subdivisions; • regular monitoring of the terms of performing the activities. As it was noticed at “National Managing Holding “KazAgro” JSC, the experience of implementation by KazAgroFinance of the information system for the activity automation would be used at the other subsidiaries of the Holding.

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