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New Oil Production Plant in Kostanaiskaya oblast

New Oil Production Plant in Kostanaiskaya oblast 27.06.2012 Today, the commissioning of the next project within the republican Map of Industrialization has taken place. In Kostanaiskaya oblast the oil production plant (sunflower, rape) with the capacity of 2 600 ton a year was launched. The enterprise is owned by the Farm “Karzhau”. The Project was financed by “KazAgroFinance” JSC, which invested KZT 256 million in the prospective production. The Director of the Farm Mukhambetzhan Akulov modestly calls his new object as a work shop. He says that it will become the factory, when we install the additional equipment for increasing the capacity of the oil production plant. This refers to the new press with the capacity of 400-500 kg/hour, application for purchasing of which is now considered by KazAgroFinance. By means of financial leasing under the line of KazAgroFinance for the processing plant it was purchased and installed the line for the sunflower (rape) oil production supplied by Farwick Maschinen-Muhlenbau GmbH, which consists of the oil press, filling station, sealing work shop, and the outfit machinery. Moreover, under the assistance of the national leasing company the equipment for cleaning and transport of the stock and the equipment for blowing out of the PET packing was supplied. In spite of the official opening, the enterprise had started its production since December of the last year. As of today the plant has produced over 100 ton of sunflower oil. Farm “Karzhau” is located at Fedorovskiy region of Kostanaiskaya oblast. The traditional activity trend, as in general in the whole region, is the plant growing and the grain production. According to Mukhambetzhan Karzhauovich, the farm decided to deviate from the practice of single crop cultivation and follow the suit of including the oil crops in the crop rotation. Today, in addition to the traditional wheat and barley, the sunflower, rape and flax are cultivated in the fields of the farm. The arrangement of the stock processing production is the logical continuation of the enterprise’s activity. As the Director of the Farm said “The invaluable help in this undertaking was rendered by “KazAgroFinance”, which financed the purchase of the necessary equipment under the favourable terms, as well as allocated funds for the floating assets. Notwithstanding that the farm’s sunflower oil is supplied to Astana and Almaty in addition to Kostanay and oblasts, the main export aim, at which Farm “Karzhau” is planned to orient, is the Russian market. Today, the oil under the trademark “Lavra” is supplied to the neighbor Chelyabinskaya, Yekaterinburgskaya and Kurganskaya oblasts of Russia. According to Akulov, there are held the negotiations with the Iran party, the pilot batch of oil was purchased by the Afghan businessmen to sell in the motherland. During its activity for 2000 -2012 “KazAgroFinance” JSC has financed the purchase of about 90 sets of equipment for processing of various agricultural products to the total amount of about KZT 11.7 milliard. “KazAgroFinance” JSC is the company established by the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1999. The key goal is the support of the agricultural sector of the republic by providing the agricultural producers with the access to the financial funds, as well as to the agricultural machinery and technological equipment on the lease basis. It is a part of the National Managing Holding “KazAgro”.

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