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Dairy Farms in the Industrialization Map

Dairy Farms in the Industrialization Map 21.06.2012 In October of this year the second start-up facility of the large dairy farm “Saryagash” LLP for keeping of 1 250 heads of milking cows will be commissioned in Kostanaiskay oblast. As it is commonly known this Project is implemented within the framework of the State Program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovation Development (SPAIID) and is included in the Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan for 2010 – 2014. The first stage of the Project being of importance for the agricultural sector of the region was completed at the end of the last year, where the funds allocated by KazAgroFinance were spent for construction of the up-to-date cow barn, the milking parlour and purchasing of the necessary machinery and equipment, including the milking plant “Carrousel” from Agralis GmbH (Germany). Today, the milking stock of the farm is 600 heads. The enterprise sells the produced milk to two milk processing plants. The second start-up facility provides for the construction of the second cow barn and the maternity barn. The Project is financed by KazAgroFinance, which within the framework of the investment trend developed by the National Holding «KazAgro” providing for the creation of the network of large dairy farms in the republic, invested KZT616 million in this production. Moreover, this week the leasing company has made the decision to finance purchasing by the farm of the necessary machinery – telescopic loader, forage harvester, pick-up platform and tractor. It should be noticed that since 2007, when KazAgroFinance started financing of the projects for the dairy livestock breeding, there were commissioned 12 large farms with the total production capacity of 58 800 ton of milk a year. During implementation of these projects over 5 thousand heads of pedigree dairy cattle were imported to the republic. At the present time the Company has approved few more 10 projects, which provide for both modernization and expansion of the existing farms, and creation of new ones. Among such projects are the creation of the milk processing plant at the Farm “Zenchenko and Company” LP in North-Kazakhstan oblast, the modernization of the existing dairy farm for 500 heads “Experimental Farm Irtyshskoye” LLP in Pavlodarskaya oblast, construction of the complex for 1 200 heads for “Bek” LLP in Kostanaiskaya oblast. According to the data by the National Holding «KazAgro”, in 2011 the dairy farms produced 39 028.5 ton of milk, that is 5% of the import substitution of the milk products in the Republic of Kazakhstan. At that, it is noticed that fewer than all projects reached the top design capacity. As of today, there are 23 projects for creation of the dairy farms to the total amount of KZT25.8 million in the National Holding’s investment portfolio. “KazAgroFinance” JSC is the operator of 14 investment trends in the agriculture of the country. The leasing company finances the prospective projects for creation of the network of large dairy farms, poultry farms, greenhouse complexes, vegetable storehouses, agricultural machinery assembly production, feed yards, meat-processing complexes, pedigree farms (reproducers), and slaughter points in the republic. Moreover, the Company provides financing for the projects related to feed production, development of the Kazakhstan grain export infrastructure and its deep processing, construction and modernization of the granaries, implementation of the drip irrigation, development of the fine wool production and processing. The Company is an integral part of the National Holding “KazAgro”.

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