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Export Products of the Poultry Complex in South-Kazakhstan Oblast

Export Products of the Poultry Complex in South-Kazakhstan Oblast 20.06.2012 The first one in Kazakhstan the high technology Poultry Complex “Ordabasy Kus” LLP for growing, slaughtering and processing of the turkey meat in South-Kazakhstan oblast is planning to expand its production and increase the production capacity from 5 000 up to 8 110 ton of turkey meat a year. At the present time, the issue of further development of the prospective Project is considered by “KazAgroFinance” JSC, the key financial operator of the investment trends in the agriculture of the country and being the part of the National Holding “KazAgro”. Let us remind that the up-to-date turkey poultry farm Ordabasy Kus” LLP was commissioned in the end of 2010. The complex is located in Badam village of Ordabasy region in South-Kazakhstan oblast and is the first Project for the Industrial Turkey Meat Production in the agricultural complex of the republic. The important object is included in the Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan and was launched under the financial support by KazAgroFinance. The total cost of the Project is KZT3 milliard and 622 million, KZT2 milliard and 910 million of which is the financing under the line of the national leasing company. Only as of the beginning of this year the enterprise has produced about 2 000 ton of meat. The turkey meat and its deep processing products are sold in Almaty city, Astana and other cities of Kazakhstan in addition to South-Kazakhstan oblast and Shymkent city. According to the Director of “Ordabasy Kus” LLP Murat Tagayev, at the present time up to 35 per cent of the products of the poultry farm is exported to the Moscow market, our neighbour Russia. At that, the Russian partners state that they are ready to increase the volumes of purchase to the maximum; however, the priority task of the Company “Ordabasy Kus” is to saturate the domestic market with the turkey meat. According to the Director of the enterprise, besides the north direction, there are held the negotiations on the supply of meat to Uzbekistan, as well as for the soldiers from the contingent of the NATO countries in Afghanistan. There are employed 320 specialists at the poultry farm. It is planned to create another 180 work places upon expansion of the production. It should be noticed that according to the complex plan of the Company it is expected to bring the production capacity of the poultry farm up to 25 000 ton of meat by 2017. Today one of the main tasks is to create its own forage base. The first step is this regard has already been undertaken – the high capacity feed-milling plant has been constructed and commissioned. As the experts from KazAgroFinance note, the poultry keeping as a part of the agricultural sector of the economy is one of the most efficient and profitable branches. Since 2006 the Company has been actively taken the steps in this direction, facilitating the creation of the up-to-date production plants and the technical modernization of the existing facilities. In general, as of today KazAgroFinance financed 17 meat and egg poultry farms to the total amount of about KZT18.8 milliard. At the present time the Kazakhstan poultry farms provide the domestic market with the eggs in full, however, as to the meat there is still dependence on import. In view of this the financing of the Projects in this trend providing for the creation of the network of the poultry farms oriented at the poultry meat production in the republic is one of the priorities in KazAgroFinance’s activities. As of today, the Company has approved 8 Projects for Poultry Farm Creation and Development to the total amount of KZT18.0 milliard and the total project production capacity of 61.460 thousand ton of meat products a year. Among the approved projects are the poultry farm “Broiler Poultry Farm Zhas Kanat” LLP in Kostanaiskaya oblast with the project capacity of 1 882 ton of poultry meat a year, the poultry farm “Ust-Kamenogorsk Poultry Farm” JSC in East-Kazakhstan oblast with the capacity of up to 10 000 ton of poultry meat a year (aggregate expansion of the poultry farm capacity up to 20 000 ton a year), the poultry farm “Capital Projects LTD” LLP in Karagandisnkaya oblast with the capacity of up to 9 400 ton of poultry meat (broiler) a year, and the poultry farm “Alatau-kus” LLP in Almatinskaya oblast with the capacity of 12 000 ton of meat products a year. “KazAgroFinance” JSC is the operator of 14 investment trends in the agriculture of the country. The leasing company finances the prospective projects for creation of the network of large dairy farms, poultry farms, greenhouse complexes, vegetable storehouses, agricultural machinery assembly production, feed yards, meat-processing complexes, pedigree farms (reproducers), and slaughter points in the republic. Moreover, the Company provides financing for the projects related to feed production, development of the Kazakhstan grain export infrastructure and its deep processing, construction and modernization of the granaries, implementation of the drip irrigation, development of the fine wool production and processing. The Company is an integral part of the National Holding “KazAgro”.

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