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Seeding Complexes for North-Kazakhstan oblast

Seeding Complexes for North-Kazakhstan oblast 17.05.2012 One of the Kazakhstan e-portals published the message headed “They Had Not Received 14 Seeding Complexes in North-Kazakhstan Oblast Due to Sluggishness of “KazAgroFinance” JSC” at its newsfeed. In view of this information KazAgroFinance deems it necessary to provide explanation concerning the actual situation with the seeding machinery supply for the countrymen of North-Kazakhstan oblast. Since the beginning of the year KazAgroFinance has transferred 16 seeding complexes at the disposal of the landowners. The customs clearance of another 8 complexes has been performed; they are assembled and located in Petropavlovsk. Today or tomorrow they will be delivered to the farms and will be used for the sowing campaign of this year. There is one more approved application for purchasing of the seeding complex by one of the farms in the oblast. However, this machinery is purchased in anticipation of the works in the next year. At the present time, in fact, there are the delays in supply of the aggregates. But at that, this is refers to three seeding complexes for the farms in Yesilskiy, Akkaiynskiy regions and the region named after Magzhan Zumabayev of North-Kazakhstan oblast. The reason is the failure to deliver in time by the supplier “Eurasia Group AG”, which undertook towards KazAgroFinance to deliver the machinery to the lessee in time. The Leasing Company intends to make claims thereof stipulated within the bilateral obligations. In general, since the beginning of 2012 the farmers of North-Kazakhstan oblast have purchased about 170 units of various agricultural machinery totaling to about KZT3 milliard under the line of KazAgroFinance. Totally, the national leasing company invested over KZT36 milliard in North-Kazakhstan oblast for 2000-2012. During this period the landowners of North-Kazakhstan oblast, one of the main grain sowing regions of the country, purchased over 140 seeding complexes, about 700 tractors and 1260 harvesters under financing by KazAgroFinance. The Seeding Complex is designed for the pre-sowing, sowing and after-sowing soil cultivation. It performs a number of works related to the sowing campaign, including the simultaneous sowing of the grain crops and the fertilizer dressing per one passage. Using of the seeding complexes ensures the essential reduction in costs and, so increases the production profitability. “KazAgroFinance” JSC is the company established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1999. The key goal is the support of the agricultural sector of the republic by providing the access of the agricultural manufacturers to the financial funds, as well as to the agricultural machinery and technological equipment on the lease basis. It is the part of the National Managing Holding “KazAgro”.

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