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In Aktyubinskaya oblast the construction of the greenhouse ‘Greenhouse Kazakhstan’ LLP for 9.5 ha has been completed. The official launch of the object is expected in April of this year.

The total value of the Complex is KZT4.9 mlrd., where KZT3.4 mlrd. were financed by KazAgroFinance JSC, a company within the Holding ‘KazAgro’, within the implementation of the Investment Projects.

The implementation of the Project with the capacity of up to 5700 ton of products per year will allow creating the new work places, improving the labour efficiency in the region, as well as increasing the share of competitive fruits and vegetables of own production at the domestic market of the republic.

To date, the main civil and installation works have been completed. Within the Project all the necessary metal structures of the complex have been mounted, over 100 000 m2 of glass have been installed, the electrical cables and pipes have been laid and other works have been performed.

It is worth noting that as of today a group of companies of National Holding ‘KazAgro’ has financed 41 Greenhouse Projects to the total amount of about KZT47 mlrd. Among them 36 greenhouses with the total area of 119 ha and production capacity of 47 thous. ton were commissioned. Upon commissioning of these objects, 1464 work places were created.

Дата:  29.03.2017 18:41:00
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