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First Tractor for Spring Field Campaign of 2017 Supplied to Akmolinskaya Oblast     08.02.2017

An active phase of preparation for sowing campaign of 2017 got off the mark in Kazakhstan. Following the start of financing announced by the National Holding “KazAgro” of the upcoming spring field and harvesting works, the national agrarians have started obtaining a new agricultural machinery. In the beginning of February, the first tractor “Kirovets” has been supplied under the leasing program “Master-leasing” being implemented through “KazAgroFinance” JSC. The purchased machinery will be forwarded to the fields owned by “KDK Agro” LLP in Astrakhanskiy region, Akmolinskaya oblast.

The Head of Farm, Valery Nikishin expressed his appreciation to KazAgroFinance for the prompt efforts since the main key to rich harvest is the timely and proper agro technical measures.


Moreover, on the eve of upcoming spring field and harvesting works of 2017, “KazAgroFinance” JSC, a company within the National Holding “KazAgro”, has announced reduction of interest rates on leasing of agricultural machinery and loans.

As explained by the Company, for the purpose of lightening of cost loading on the borrowers, KazAgroFinance has reduced the interest rates of financing to 17.3% from 19% p.a. The effective rate under the new terms will be from 17.7% p.a.

The new terms of financing apply to leasing of agricultural, special machinery and equipment, implementation of special programs and some trends of Investment Projects.

It is also worth noting that KazAgroFinance carries on the financing of machinery under the Program “Made in Belarus”, where the Government of the Republic of Belarus reimburses 3.6% of interest rate. This Program does not exclude the possibility of obtaining the Kazakhstani subsidies as well.

Today, KazAgroFinance is implementing the special financing programs: “Express-Leasing” providing for the accelerated consideration of applications, “Harvest” that makes possible to obtain the machinery before the first leasing payment, “Secondary Leasing” that is leasing of used machinery, “Master Leasing” that is opening of a credit line for client, which is disbursed during a year, at that a set of documents is provided once.

According to the new terms of financing you may apply to the Head Office located in Astana city or the branches and representative offices throughout Kazakhstan.

In 2016, KazAgroFinance leased 3 119 units of machinery to the total amount of KZT55.8 mlrd., including 464 harvesters, 962 tractors, 56 seeding complexes, 104 seeders and  533 units of other domestic and foreign machinery to the republic’s agricultural sector.

More detailed information on programs and terms of financing is available at “Products” tab of KazAgroFinance JSC’s website (http://www.kaf.kz/products_company/products/financing-terms/).

Дата:  08.02.2017 18:36:00
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