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Kz Ru En

Financing or replenishment of working capital

Designated purpose

Working capital for purchase of fattening cattle

Working capital within the implementation of Investment/Leasing Project


Credit line - up to 3 years. tranche within the credit line/consumer loan – up to 1 year


not required




Grace period for principal




Grace period for interest

Interest rate


14.5 %

Annual effective rate



from 14.5%

Special terms

- financing of working capital replenishment is only provided within previously financed/being financed Investment/Leasing Projects, as well as within the asset sale deals with deferred payment of at least 3 years and/or lease with the subsequent buy-out of the assets previously purchased by other borrowers of the Company through leasing or loan within the Investment Projects.

- at that, to purchase raw materials the financing is provided for the replenishment of working capital of the affiliated companies of the borrowers (lessees) within the Investment Projects ‘Construction and Upgrading of Granaries’.

Principal and Interest Repayment Schedule

- principal repayment: at least 1 (one) time a year;

- interest repayment: at least 1 (one) time a quarter.

Approved by the Resolution of the Board of Directors of KazAgroFinance JSC No.6 dated 28.03.2018