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New Fast Food Production Complex


A new Fast Food Complex ‘Kazakhstani Food Company ‘KazBrand’ has been launched in Astana city. At the first stage the complex started producing the noodles, and in the future the enterprise extends its products range of this type, as well as they intend to set up the production of various sauces and spices. The Director General of ‘KFC “KazBrand’ LLP, Almaz Zaripov reported on the matter in the course of press tour. According to the Director of Complex, the Project has been implemented with the effective support from KazAgroFinance JSC, which allocated over KZT900 000 000 for civil and installation works and leasing of technological equipment.

  'The Project has been implemented with the support from KazAgroFinance JSC. We purchased the equipment on leasing basis and there was a financial assistance in the civil and installation works. It provides assistance in the working capital replenishment as well’, Almaz Zaripov said.

   As the Director of the enterprise reports, this product and color additives are natural, and their majority is purchased in Kazakhstan. According to him, the cooking formulation is fully-developed and certified. He, during his speech, noticed as well that the average cost per package would not exceed KZT130 – 135, while weighing 100 gram. 

  ‘I would like to mention that the weight of one package of our noodles is 100 gram, and our competitors, importers from Russia sell this product weighing 70 gram at the same price’, Almaz Zaripov noticed.

The enterprise capacity is about 30 000 000 packages per year, from 3 000 000 packages and more per month. On the average, it takes about 15-17 minutes from starting mixing the dough and to the final product. The enterprise may produce 100 000 packages of noodles per one business day, ant it is about 12 500 packages per hour. But according to the enterprise’s management, it is only the beginning, they are going to increase the product volumes by 2 times, at least.

‘We created about 30 work places, but we need people. We need about 90 people for the production. We want to make a twenty-four-hour production and load it to the maximum. I would like to mention as well that we hire people without experience and skills, we are ready to learn them here’, the Director of the enterprise concluded.

For information: KazAgroFinance JSC is a company established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1999. The key objective is to support the development of the republic’s agricultural sector by providing the agricultural producers with the access to the financing, as well as agricultural machinery and technological equipment on leasing basis. KazAgroFinance JSC is a leader at the Kazakhstani leasing market. 

Дата:  11.14.2017
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