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A New Dairy Farm Has Been Constructed Near Taraz

A New Dairy Farm Has Been Constructed Near Taraz 20.06.2017

In 2015, Z.Sultanbekov, Head of Farm ‘Birlik’ located in three kilometres from Taraz, applied to KazAgroFinance JSC for the financial support in implementation of the Investment Project for Creation of Up-to-date Dairy Farm for 100 Head.

The Company supported this Project and allocated financing of KZT112 mln., which were aimed at construction of the building for dairy farm, purchase of the milking equipment and pedigree cattle.

The up-to-date equipment was supplied from Sweden, and the Alatau cattle was purchased in the neighbouring farm. This breed is well-adopted for our climate conditions, and average milk yield may depending on the feed be 14 up to 17 l/day. It is expected that a first batch of products to be obtained in the nearest future.

The Project provides for the loose housing of cattle. According to this system the cattle is maintained in the semi-open premises and has a free access to the forage, which is mowed up at the barnyards and areas. The enterprise with the capacity of 1500 l/day is oriented at the local market.


Дата:  06.20.2017 16:20:00
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