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Vitamin Gifts

Vitamin Gifts 01.06.2014 The employees of KazAgroFinance JSC congratulated their children in ward - foster children in the children’s home No.2 in Uryupinka village with the International Children’s Day and gave them the useful and tasty gifts: apples, pears, bananas, kiwi, sweet cherry, pineapple and other fruits. The lessons and homework fell behind - the children have successfully finished the school year, and now they are taking delight in the holidays to the utmost. The first summer day together with the International Children’s Day was celebrated with much éclat – they arranged the concert and set the festive table themselves, which was supplemented by the fruits gifted by KazAgroFinance JSC. The children were carried out of their feet by the pineapples because this is an exotic fruit for them, notwithstanding that the vitamin products are present at their daily ration. For several years running KazAgroFinance JSC has been regularly supporting its children in ward – the children are waiting for new gifts and surprises from their sponsors for each holiday. Now this is the time for the children, and there are 116 children of 5 to 18 years old without parental support in the children’s home, to make their plans for summer. One part of children will be sent to the children’s camp “Rassvet” in Akkol region, and the other part will be sent to the camp “Zvezdnyi” in Borovoye. And the seniors will stay at home to prepare for the new school year, since they have to enter the colleges and higher educational institutions very soon. KazAgroFinance JSC wishes their children in ward to have a good summer, rest and gain strength for a new school year!

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