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KazAgroFinance JSC announces start of receiving applications for purchase of machinery for 2016 spring field works


KazAgroFinance JSC announces start of receiving applications for purchase of machinery for 2016 spring field works. Total financing rate is 14% without additional security, grace period is one year.

As explained by the Company representatives, early start of receiving applications is primarily caused by necessity to remind farmers that agricultural machinery shall be updated well before the sowing season. "Farmers shall understand that the Company will need some time not only for consideration and approval of applications for funding, but also for delivery of certain machinery or equipment from abroad or from other regions of Kazakhstan. As the old saying goes - while it is fine weather mend your sails. Our task is to ensure the availability of machinery in the fields of our country exactly in time before the sowing season both in the southern and northern regions of the Republic" - says Director of Leasing Projects Department Azamat Zhalmagambetov.

Moreover, in the nearest time the launch of the next phase of interest rate subsidization under the program for agro-industrial complex development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2020 "Agribusiness-2020" is expected. According to the terms of the program, the interest rate for credits, working capital financing and acquisition of fixed assets, construction, as well as for leasing the purchase of technological equipment and agricultural machinery are subject to reduction to 7% per annum, in turn, the interest rate for agreements on purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment in livestock and forage production sectors are subsidized by the state at a rate of 10% (if there is a document confirming that the borrower has at least 50 conditional heads of farm livestock, or that the borrower has land plots used for growing fodder crops).

By the way, during preparation for spring field works in 2015, KazAgroFinance JSC financed purchase of 1,382 units of equipment to the amount of more than KZT 11.5 billion. Apart from tractors and seeders, there are such "popular" machinery as KUHN harrows, plows, balers, cultivators, reapers, etc. It is worth noting that most of the equipment purchased by farmers for spring field works is of Kazakh production, in particular, one of the most popular models is Belarus tractor produced at the Semipalatinsk Car Assembly Plant SemAZ. In its turn, attachable equipment is purchased from the United State, as well as from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, etc.

Дата:  02.08.2016 10:24:00
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